ROCKstar of the Month of April: Ryan Durfee

Congratulations to April’s ROCKstar of the Month, Ryan Durfee! For over six years, Ryan has been an essential part of the production team. As Production Manager, he constantly works to improve our inventory system, translate client visions into reality and continually goes the extra mile for clients and teammates.

Rockstar of the Month Ryan Durfee

“My favorite thing about being on the Rock The House team is being a part of such a large variety of events. It’s really rewarding to know that the work we put in makes some of the most important days of people’s lives better.” – Ryan Durfee, ROCKstar of the Month

While there are many roles to play and reasons to work in the event industry, Ryan appreciates the “man behind the curtain” aspect of the job. He enjoys the opportunity to be a part of large, important events, while not having to be the person on stage talking.

Of the many events that Ryan has worked, his favorite was the Cleveland Public Theatre’s Pandemonium fundraiser. This event features all sorts of theatrical elements wrapped into one day and happening simultaneously across multiple stages.

A Few Fun Facts About Ryan Durfee:

  • Favorite guilty pleasure song? “Barbie Girl” by Aqua… Not because I like the song, but because when I was in school, I programmed my automated lighting design final to that song. I’m pretty sure it’s the reason I aced the exam.
  • Favorite movie? Shawshank Redemption
  • Favorite post-event snack? Anything that’s open at 3AM. Usually, it’s Taco Bell.
  • Favorite cartoon character? Archer
  • If you could have a superpower, what would it be? I’d be Batman.
  • Where’s the most interesting place you’ve ever traveled? I once went to Guatemala for a mission trip. We moved 80,000 rocks up a hill to build a patio!

Rockstar of the Month of April, Ryan Durfee

“When Ryan started at RTH, he was part of a three-person team overseeing 700 events. He now oversees a staff of 25, executing 1,800 events. Ryan continues to see down the pipeline and knows what is needed for the department to grow. He works hard to develop his skills and is always bettering himself as a leader and team member. Ryan’s focus is always people first, equipment after.” – Ryan Konikoff, Chief Operating Officer.

Congratulations to Ryan on being April’s ROCKstar of the Month! Interested in working with rockstars like Ryan to produce your next event? Contact our team of event professionals today to get started! Photos courtesy of the Rock The House Photo Archive.

ROCKstar of the Month of March: John Vlach

How do we survive the madness of March?! With help from our ROCKstar of the Month, John Vlach! In just under 3 years, John has grown from part-time intern to full-time Graphic Designer. A vital member of our Marketing Team, John works on everything from event highlight videos to photo station designs to print media and collateral.

Rock The House ROCKstar of the Month, John Vlach

John says his favorite part about being on the Rock The House team is being a part of a diverse group of people who all do different things, but work together to produce amazing events.

“We all pull together as a team and help in the ways that we can. Different team members specialize in different things, but we all have the same goal. As the graphic designer, I enjoy that I get to create media for clients that highlights their events and then get to see them pleased and enthusiastic about it.” – John Vlach, ROCKstar of the Month

A Few Fun Facts About John Vlach:

  • Guilty pleasure song? “The Middle” – Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey
  • Pre-event snack? Cookies from Subway
  • Post event snack? Nothing is open that I like, so I go home and make a sandwich – like a BLT.
  • What’s your favorite movie? Forrest Gump
  • What’s your favorite TV show? Monday Night Raw
  • What’s your favorite song/artist? Envoi
  • If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why? When I was in vocational school, I did a short film about a watch that allowed the user to freeze time. The main character got greedy with the power and abused it. As a consequence, the watch disappeared, and he was stuck in frozen time. So, I would like that power, as long as I didn’t get stuck.

Rock The House ROCKstar of the Month, John VlachIn addition to working in-house to create amazing content, you can frequently find John on-site filming or photographing events. Of the many events that he’s had the pleasure to capture, John shared that the MetroPCS Dealer Summit in Dallas was one of his favorites!

“Working with MetroPCS allowed us to expand our capabilities as a company and I got to do things I’ve never gotten to do before. Usually, we’re in Northeast Ohio and so going to Dallas was an exciting new experience.” – John Vlach, ROCKstar of the Month

John loves being on big events with the team but also thrives on solo videography outings. Another event he enjoyed took place at the Mansfield Reformatory. There, he had the opportunity to film the Entrepreneurs Organization during one of their educational programs. John loved the unique location of the shoot, as well as the fun elements that EO incorporated.

“John is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. You can see the passion he has for his craft in every detail of what he does. He is meticulous, creative, committed and so supportive of this team. John is the media-savvy engine that propels the marketing department forward, allowing us to be imaginative and innovative. I’m so proud to have him on this team and can’t wait to see what he creates next!” – Stephanie Rose, Marketing Manager

In his free time, you can find John honing his craft by shooting stock footage, reading articles, or watching tutorials. John also enjoys watching WWE wrestling and NFL football.

Congratulations to John on being March’s ROCKstar of the Month! Interested in working with rockstars like John to produce your next event? Contact our team of event professionals today to get started!

You can also check out some of John’s most recent work for us on our YouTube Channel. Keep up the great work John, and thanks for everything that you do!

Photos courtesy of the Rock The House Photo Archive.



ROCKstar of the Month of February: Matt Heyl

February’s ROCKstar of the Month is Matt Heyl! Since joining the RTH team five years ago, Matt has continued to fine-tune his skills as a DJ and deliver phenomenal entertainment. No matter the event, when he’s behind a set of turntables, we know the event is in great hands!

Matt Heyl, Rock The House DJ and Rockstar of the Month

“My favorite things about being on the RTH team are the opportunities to meet new people, work in different venues, and experience first-hand the planning and execution of amazing events. It’s rewarding to have a job that I truly enjoy and look forward to doing every weekend.”

– Matt Heyl, ROCKstar of the Month

Matt’s interest in entertainment began at a young age when he received his first set of turntables and he hasn’t stopped fueling that passion since! When he’s not spinning tracks at an event, Matt enjoys riding his motorcycle and customizing his sports car.

Of the many events that Matt has worked, he shared that his favorite was the Belkin bat mitzvah at the House of Blues.

“I have attended many concerts at the House of Blues, but to see the entire venue decorated pink was surreal. On stage as a DJ, it was an incredible feeling knowing that I am standing on the same stage as world renowned artists that have performed at the House of Blues. It was a night I will never forget.”

– Matt Heyl, ROCKstar of the Month

Matt Heyl, Rock the House DJ and Rockstar of the MonthA Few Fun Facts About Matt:

Favorite guilty pleasure song? “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen

Favorite movie? The Japanese anime classic, “Akira”

Favorite TV show? Cowboy Bebop

Favorite song/artist? Eminem

Favorite pre-event snack? Wendy’s or McDonald’s, whatever I can fit in before a show

Favorite post-event snack? Any fast food place that is open

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why? I’d like the ability to fly, just so I could experience the freedom of floating in the clouds

What’s something not many people know about you? I support the Cleveland arts scene by attending shows at Playhouse Square and the Cleveland Symphony

How do you take your coffee? On the rocks (iced)

Matt Heyl, Rock The House DJ and Rockstar of the Month

“I am proud to have Matt on our entertainment team. He is the kind of employee that everyone wants on their team. He works hard, is always on time, listens to our clients’ needs, and understands his role. He is always willing to learn and is now training to become an MC as well. I look forward to watching Matt continue his growth at Rock The House.”

– Nick Duve, General Manager, Entertainment Division.

Congratulations to Matt on being February’s ROCKstar of the Month! Interested in working with rockstars like Matt to produce your next event? Contact our team of event professionals today to get started! Photos courtesy of the Rock The House Photo Archive.

Today’s Bride 2018: Wedding Show Recap

Almost half of all couples get engaged over the holiday season. That makes January the perfect time for couples to kick start their wedding planning. And what better way to get inspired than at the Today’s Bride Wedding Shows!

Each year, the Today’s Bride team gathers quite an impressive group. Vendors come from all over Northeast Ohio for the annual bridal expos at John S. Knight Center and the I-X Center. These shows attract thousands of engaged couples from all over the region and the Rock The House team made sure we were more than ready to “WOW” them!

RTH Weddings Today's Bride Wedding Show Booth

Our 2018 I-X show booth featured three display monitors, a gorgeous chandelier, uplighting, and a low-lying fog effect to make guests feel like they were walking on clouds! Our brand-new LED wall panels lined the top of our booth in a “ticker” style and were the perfect way to showcase the RTH Weddings signature logo, exclusive show specials, and information about our services. Inside the booth, our team of friendly wedding professionals answered questions and helped couples to plan their special day.

RTH Weddings Mirror Booth Collage

Across the aisle from our booth, you could find guests enjoying our Mirror Photo Booth, an interactive, state-of-the-art photo station that captures guests’ memories as they stand in the reflection of a full-size mirror! This novelty also prompts users to doodle and sign their masterpiece once it’s taken and allows the photos to be printed live on-site, sent digitally via SMS or email, or directly posted to social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Rock The House LIVE perform at Today's Bride Wedding Show

Our corporate audiovisual division, RTHAV, is also a proud sponsor of the Today’s Bride fashion show, providing production, audio, lighting, and staging for the event. In addition, our in-house party band, Rock The House LIVE!, kicked off each fashion show with a high-energy performance to get the crowd excited. The two-day expo featured a total of six fashion shows, so our team worked diligently to ensure the production went off without a hitch.

RTH Weddings Nick Duve hosts Today's Bride fashion show

Our MC with the most (and recent celebrity), Nick Duve, hosted each fashion show, welcoming guests, playing interactive games, and announcing the featured outfits and sponsors. As the models hit the runway, DJ Flightz, spun the hits and kept the energy up. Guests viewed gorgeous dresses by David’s Bridal, Lavender Bridal Salon, and American Commodore Dress Shoppe, as well as dapper tuxedos by American Commodore Tuxedo and Men’s Warehouse. Hair and makeup was provided by La-Freya Beauty and flowers were by Hirt’s Greenhouse.

Today's Bride Fashion Show

From weddings to fashion shows, and every event in between, Rock The House can do it all! To learn more about how you can work with our team of event professionals, visit our contact page by clicking here!

Photos courtesy of the Rock The House Photo Archive

Fashion show photo by Jay Kossman Photography 



ROCKstar of the Month of January: Evan Guffin

New year, new ROCKstar! This month’s honoree is Evan Guffin, one of our Lead Technicians. Evan has been with Rock The House for over six years. Since joining the team, he has progressed from working as an audio technician to leading a team. He is willing to lend a hand to anyone in need and strives to make everything around him better.

Evan Guffin, Rock The House Technical Lead

Evan grew up around performance and performed as a kid, but eventually realized that he liked the behind-the-scenes factor more than being on the stage. His interest in the technical side of things even led him to study event production.

“Evan has excelled in and helped develop and mold our audio department in a positive way. He continues to make improvements on the look, feel, and sound of all of his events. His knowledge and attention to detail has given him the opportunity to project manage several Signature Events successfully.” – Ryan Durfee, Production Manager

Evan Guffin, Technical Lead at Rock The House

While Evan works in many areas and on many types of events, he shared that his favorite event to work on was the Cleveland Metroparks Centennial Celebration. “The Metroparks is a great organization and client of Rock The House,” said Guffin. “Their event was a great display of many of Rock The House’s audiovisual aspects.”

A Few Fun Facts About Evan Guffin:

  • Favorite guilty pleasure song? “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls
  • Favorite movie? Blues Brothers
  • Favorite TV show? The Office
  • Favorite song/artist? Foo Fighters
  • Favorite pre-event snack? Banana
  • Favorite post-event snack? Chips and salsa
  • If you could have a superpower, what would it be? I’d like to fly, I hate sitting in traffic.
  • What’s something not many people know about you? I’ve been drinking coffee since I was a little kid.
  • On that note, how do you take your coffee? Black.
Evan Guffin, Rock The House Technical Lead, Crowd Surfing

Yep, that’s Evan getting a “lift” from the RTH team!

“One of my favorite things about being on the RTH team is seeing the concept that a client has imagined for an event come together and then seeing their reaction to it when it is done.” – Evan Guffin, ROCKstar of the Month

When not at work, Evan can be found working out at the gym, enjoying craft beers, and spending time with his friends and family.

“Evan is someone who we know can handle whatever we throw at him. He personifies RTH culture by always being willing to step up and help out. He does what needs to be done and is more than willing to help anyone that asks!” – Tricia Adams, Production Assistant

Congratulations to Evan on being January’s ROCKstar of the Month! Interested in working with rockstars like Evan to produce your next event? Contact our team of event professionals today to get started! Photos courtesy of the Rock The House Photo Archive.

Get to Know Our Band: Rock The House LIVE!


Cleveland is a town that loves to ROCK. And the words “rock and roll” invoke all kinds of imagery – heads banging, messy hair, and all manner of debauchery. Now let’s try “party band.” What do you see? Your uncle’s classic rock cover band playing in a divey bar? Sloppy, neon-clad dudes dancing around at a college bash? Or perhaps you imagine a group that specializes in only one style of music – Top 40, Motown, Rock, Pop, etc.

So, what is a party planner to do? You want entertaining, genre-spanning music and professionalism, but you’re struggling to find it.

A few years back, Rock The House Entertainment encountered this exact challenge. Our team was planning a couple big events that needed a strong party band. “As we searched around the region, we couldn’t find an act that we felt comfortable putting on stage at an array of events and that could consistently and frequently perform at a top level,” says Matt Radicelli, Founder and CEO of Rock The House Entertainment.

True to form, the team came up with a solution. “We set out to bring together truly talented individuals that were passionate, caring, and sincere about their work and the people around them,” says Radicelli. “Our goal was that the band would have the same style and flair of our brand. They would be clean cut and professional, without any of the negative stereotypical characteristics of a party band.”

Amanda Corrigan, Singer of Rock The House Live!     Jovan Wilder, Singer of Rock The House Live!

Enter Rock The House Live!, a high energy, dance-driven party band, made up of Cleveland’s most talented musicians and vocalists. The group tailors its music to any occasion – be it a wedding, corporate event, high school dance, or bar show – and they’re constantly adding music to their repertoire.

Dennis Nero, Drummer of Rock The House Live!

We interviewed Dennis Nero, bandleader and drummer of Rock The House Live!, and Jeff Kutz, VP of Sales, to find out more about this impressive group.

How would you describe Rock The House Live?

Jeff Kutz: “Our band’s specialty is that they’re a party band. That means that they cover all genres and don’t just specialize in oldies or current music. On top of being talented musicians, they’re energetic performers. They go out into the crowd and interact with guests and really put on a memorable show.”

How does the band prepare for different types of shows?

Dennis Nero: “Once a show is booked, the RTH team gives us an idea of the genres and specific artists that the client likes, and we start tailoring the set list. We figure out how many of the songs we are able to start learning and we get to work. We’re always learning music and always trying to change and grow. It keeps it interesting!”

Besides rehearsals, how does the band prep for shows? Is there a pre-show routine?

DN: “This group is a bunch of really professional, amazing musicians that all take complete pride in doing what they do. With this band, it’s all homework. You learn your parts, then at practice, we see where we’re at and what work needs to be done. Literally, 100% of the time, we hit the stage for a show and it is gold. Everyone knows what they have to do. These are the highest quality musicians I’ve ever played with.”

What are some common concerns/misconceptions about hiring a live party band?

JK: “People tend to think that a DJ can cover more music than a band. In this case, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our band covers every single genre.”

DN: “We’re like a live band running as a DJ, in a constant medley. Like a DJ, there are no stops. By doing that, you get to hit on almost 60 songs.”

JK: “On top of that, when you book our band, you get a DJ/MC combo as well. So when the band is on break, the music doesn’t stop. Also, you get a master of ceremonies who will run your evening flawlessly, entertain the crowd, and make sure all formalities are taken care of.”

Final thoughts?

JK: “In the end, every client’s needs are different. Booking a live band has to be the best decision for the client. However, if someone is on the fence and concerned about sound or style, we’d be happy to invite them to a band practice or put them in touch with someone who has booked the band in the past.”

DN: “From my experience, if a client wants the energy at their event to be at a completely different level, bringing in Rock The House Live! sets a whole new bar for the energy and fun.

Interested in having Rock The House Live! at your next event? Contact our team today for details and availability! Photos courtesy of the Rock The House Photo Archive.


ROCKstar of the Month of December: Tricia Adams

As we wrap up 2017, we’re excited to end the year showcasing one of our hardest working team members, Tricia Adams! Since joining the RTH team almost 5 years ago, Tricia has grown from her role as a part-time dancer to take on the recently created position of Production Assistant. Although she hates being the center of attention, we couldn’t help but honor her this month!

Tricia Adams Rock The House Production Assistant - Black Tie Wedding Photo

Tricia is truly a force to be reckoned with! On a given day, you may find her tackling everything from production to staffing to rentals and more. “Tricia’s attention to detail and ability to see a project through to completion has helped streamline several areas of the production team. She is continuing to learn every day; her knowledge about what we do and how we do it has grown ten-fold.”– Ryan Durfee, Production Manager

A Few Fun Facts About Tricia Adams:

  • Cartoon character that best describes her? Margo from Despicable Me
  • Favorite movie? The Boondock Saints
  • Favorite song/artist? Norah Jones
  • Favorite pre (and post) event snack? Chocolate
  • Biggest fear? Taking life too seriously
  • Favorite thing about being on the RTH team? Getting to work with such a fun group of people!

Tricia Adams Rock The House Production Assistant - Donut Photo

“I find working for RTH rewarding because I get to be involved with so many awesome events in the city of Cleveland. It’s not just about the opening night of new local restaurants or massive parties, but also the charity events, fundraisers, and galas that show what Cleveland is really all about. I am lucky to be a part of it!” – Tricia Adams, ROCKstar of the Month

When not in the office, you may also find Tricia working a photo booth or striking an event. Of all the events she’s done, Tricia shared that she loved getting to travel to her hometown of Pittsburgh back in the day for events. “Getting to work with Matt and the A-Team and hanging overnight with an awesome crew makes those events stand out still to this day,” she said. When Tricia is off the clock, she enjoys spending time outdoors, drinking scotch, and going to yoga.

“[Tricia] has the capacity to see the bigger picture and make an early catch on potential issues. She has continued to push the responsibilities of this role and make our team better in the process.” – Ben Allison, Director of Human Development

Congratulations to Tricia on being December’s ROCKstar of the Month! Interested in working with rockstars like Tricia to produce your next event? Contact our team of event professionals today to get started! Photos courtesy of the Rock The House Photo Archive.

ROCKstar of the Month of November: Jaime Kravitz

November’s ROCKstar of the Month is….Jaime Kravitz! When Jaime started at Rock The House eight months ago, she immediately fit right into our ROCKstar family. Whenever Jaime is behind the microphone, whether it’s a mitzvah, wedding, or corporate event, we know the event is in good hands! We are so lucky to have her as one of our leading entertainers!

November Rockstar of the Month - Jaime Kravitz

In her time at RTH, Jaime has grown quickly and tremendously. No matter the event, she takes great care in making her clients and events her top priority. Before heading to an event, she always makes sure she has a clear understanding of all the necessary details in order to execute the event perfectly.

While Jaime works all sorts of events for Rock The House, she shared that her favorite event to date was emceeing Michael and Adam’s wedding in September! She loved that the dance floor was so packed, there was barely any room for her! 

A Few Fun Facts About Jaime Kravitz:

  • Most Relatable Cartoon Character? “Linda Belcher” from Bob’s Burgers — sing-talking is Jaime’s favorite!
  • Guilty Pleasure Music Genre: Country
  • Favorite Post-Event Snack? Pretty much anything! Jaime says she “eats like there’s no tomorrow” after events
  • First Thing She’d Buy After Winning The Lottery? An “Around-The-World” plane ticket
  • Favorite Thing About Being on the RTH Team? The RTH crew is truly a TEAM! I feel so lucky to work with such talented, fun, like-minded, hard-working individuals who are dedicated to making every single event ROCK!

November Rockstar of the Month - Jaime Kravitz

Nothing brings me more joy than to make people happy. At the end of the day, it’s a dream job bringing smiles and laughter to our clients and their guests.” – Jaime Kravitz, ROCKstar of the Month

When Jaime’s not working she can be found hanging out with her cat, traveling, spending quality time with friends, trying new things, or teaching herself the ukulele! Jaime is a natural entertainer at heart and we are so glad to have her on the RTH team. Our events would not be the same without her!

Jaime is a ball of energy and has quickly become part of the RTH family.  While she has only been with us a short while, her previous experience and overall attitude towards events truly incapsulates the ideal image of a Rock The House entertainer.” – Ben Allison, Director of Human Development

Congratulations again to Jaime on being November’s ROCKstar of the Month! Interested in working with Jaime at your next event? Contact our team of event professionals today to get started! Photos courtesy of the Rock The House Photo Archive.

PartyPalooza 2017: Cleveland’s Premier Event Planning Showcase

It’s baaaaaaack! The 22nd annual PartyPalooza will be on November 5th from 11am-3pm at the Cleveland Marriott East. PartyPalooza is Cleveland’s entirely FREE event planning showcase! PartyPalooza features a variety of event vendors, from catering and entertainment to accommodations and venues. If you have an event coming up, PartyPalooza is an amazing opportunity to book all your vendors at incredibly discounted rates.

Rock The House is proud to be the presenting sponsor of PartyPalooza 2017.  When you think of Rock The House, you naturally think of amazing parties. With over 100 entertainment options, the RTH team knows the importance of keeping your guests engaged. At PartyPalooza, Rock The House offers amazing incentives and promotional pricing that can save you UP TO 70% at your next event! With just a $200 deposit, you can reserve your event date right then and there. This offer only comes around once a year, you won’t want to miss it!

While Rock The House has a team of incredible DJs and MCs, we are also very proud of our other entertainment packages! From upgraded dance floors to photo booths and giant games, RTH has everything you need to host your best event yet. Read on for a sneak peek of some of our favorites and make sure to come to PartyPalooza to learn more!

Get Lit with LED Lighting

Rock The House is excited to introduce our new LED panels which are guaranteed to leave your guests in AWE! These light-up panels are customizable to just about any shape or size, whether that be an upgraded LED DJ booth, dance floor, creative wall façade, or even a tunnel for your grand entrance! Whatever you can imagine, Rock The House can make it happen! The possibilities are endless and are sure to bring the WOW factor to your event!

Rock The House Extra Entertainment LED Panels

Mirror Booth

Rock The House’s Mirror Booth is the latest and greatest photo booth option available. Guests take their photos through an interactive mirror that prompts them to do various actions, sign their pictures when they’re done, and even print and share their pictures on social media!

Interactive Sports & Games

Be sure that all your guests have a great time at your next event, on AND off the dance floor, with new interactive activities! From modern classics like LED Ping Pong and Giant 22-Player Foosball to Rock Shots Ultimate Basketball and their new Sports Simulator, Rock The House allows guests of all ages to test their skills and win ultimate bragging rights!

Rock The House Extra Entertainment Giant Games

Interactive Touch Screen DJ

Take your event to a whole new level with the Touch Screen DJ by Rock The House! This DJ system allows your guests to see the DJ mix the music right before their eyes. Thanks to the two-way touch screen technology and interactive control surface, you won’t just be able to hear the music…you’ll watch it come to life! And yes…the guest of honor can help!

Rock The House Interactive Touch Screen DJ System

Sparkular Indoor Fireworks

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have fireworks at your event? Now you can with Rock The House’s brand new Sparkular units! Sparkular is Cleveland’s first and only pyrotechnics effect created for indoor use. Perfect for your grand entrance, special effects, a unique photo, or your grand finale!  Sparkular is guaranteed to make your guests say “ooh” and “aah” at your celebration!

There’s a reason Rock The House has been entrusted for nearly twenty years with more than 2,500 Simchas. RTH goes above and beyond to ensure that every client’s expectations are met and surpassed. We want to make your event ROCK, too! Register for PartyPalooza 2017 to SAVE BIG on Rock The House party packages. We hope to see you there!


ROCKstar of the Month: Bryan Wolbert

This October we’re excited to showcase Bryan Wolbert as our ROCKstar of the month! Bryan has been with Rock the House for almost three years now working as an audio technician on our production team.

RTH Rockstar Bryan Wolbert

Bryan has grown alongside Rock the House over the past few years and has truly shined as we have continued to add more and more hotel and corporate events. He is regularly found supporting Cleveland’s many event centers and ballrooms, meeting and surpassing client A/V needs and expectations.

A Few Fun Facts About Bryan Wolbert:

  • Favorite Movie? Blade Runner
  • Most Relatable Cartoon Character? “Bender” from Futurama
  • Guilty Pleasure Song? Careless Whisper
  • Favorite Pre-Event Snack? C’mon is that even a question…Chipotle!
  • Favorite Thing About Being on the RTH Team? The bond with coworkers and how we can always joke with each other. We have a great team!

RTH Rockstar Bryan Wolbert 2

“It’s nice to be recognized for the time and effort you put into your job. It’s not ultimately needed but nice to be noticed for your hard work.” – Bryan Wolbert, ROCKstar of the Month

Bryan’s family is what motivates him to be his best and when he isn’t at work or Chipotle, he can be found spending time with his two sons, Clay and Evan. Bryan is a cherished and respected member of the Rock the House family and our events would not be the same if it wasn’t for all his incredible hard work and dedication!

“Bryan has been with the team for roughly two and a half years and quickly moved to one of our top Audio Engineers. He is a hard worker with a ‘get it done’ mentality that pushes teams to make it home before Chipotle closes.” – Ben Allison, Director of Human Development

Congratulations again to Bryan on being October’s ROCKstar of the Month! Interested in working with Bryan at your next event? Contact our team of event professionals today to get started! Photos courtesy of the Rock The House Photo Archive.