XBOX One Launch Party – Microsoft Store

Celebrating Gaming at Beachwood Place

Microsoft pulled all the stops on November 21, 2013 at 10:00pm EST all over the world as they released their next level of console, the Xbox One. No true product launch is complete without music, lighting, food, and energy and Cleveland was no different. The launch party in New York City featured a live performance from Macklemore; the LA party lucky attendees saw DeadMau5; and Cleveland fans at the Beachwood Place Microsoft Store were entertained by Rock The House!

Countdown to the Xbox One Launch

Hats off to the Microsoft Store because they did it right. Pizza, Pepsi products, Doritos…they know gamers! With giveaways, raffles, and game testing, these gamers got the true launch party experience. By adding “Xbox green” lighting to wash the walls and live mixing, the whole experience got elevated.