City of Oakwood Village Summer Camp

DJ Camp Begins with Rock The House

June 19, 2012 was the first day of the City of Oakwood Village‘s DJ Bootcamp with Rock The House Entertainment. Our full-time entertainment lead, Eli, is teaching a group of 9 to 12 year olds from Oakwood Village the basics of DJing for a live event. Every week, the students who signed up for this camp will learn techniques Rock The House DJs use at each event. We were thrilled with this group because each attendee had a real interest in DJing. They had a great passion for music and were really paying attention. Often, with kids of this age, you would expect them to be looking at their cellphones but they came to really learn.

Eli instructed the students how to work as a team by matching sound levels. He also gave them a new perspective on DJ equipment. They began to understand that the DJ rig is more like an instrument than just an iPod and speakers. They picked that up when they had to transition between songs and monitor their levels. Graduates of this program will go on to DJ the camp’s August 10th Dance for all the students participating in the various activities provided by Oakwood Village. We were happy to help Mayor Gary V Gottschalk when he asked us to participate in this summer camp. Our company loves our community and being able to give back while also sparking passion in potential future entertainers is the perfect way to show it.