Some Nights You Go Big And Some Nights You #GOROYALE

Rock The House is always going big, and this time we were amongst kings and queens.

We teamed up with our friends from Hotcards at their new event space, dubbed the Red Space, to showcase the release of Labatt Blue Royale – a new Canadian-style light lager. Along with the new beer, we were able to feature one of our newest and most innovative technologies – SocialCast.

SocialCast is the best way to get people involved with your event and create an online buzz about what is happening. We set up projectors to display a waterfall-like feed of social media posts that constantly update and refresh, giving everyone a chance to be featured on the big screen.  We pull updates from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Vine (with the possibility of other networks) to display live content of your guests enjoying themselves at your event.

Along with the Cleveland royalty in the building, we were able to showcase our lighting features while DJ Donkis mixed the music for the party.  The party may have ended at midnight, but the after party at Liquid on West 6th kept everyone going all night.

This event featured the hashtag #GOROYALE – and that is how the people were treated.

Thanks again to Hotcards for having us over at the Red Space and allowing us to do what we do best. For more information on SocialCast or other Rock The House specialities, visit our website –

Who is Rock The House?

Answer: Creative Event Professionals

Rock The House was founded by Matt Radicelli in 1999 as a small, home-based business.  Over the years, the company has developed into a full entertainment production service catering to more than 1,000 events each year. The secret to our success has been our unparalleled creativity and commitment to world class customer service. We have been recognized with nine CBC Magazine Connector’s Choice Awards, five SBN World-Class Customer Service Awards, and six International Special Events Society (ISES) Ohio WOW Awards. These awards are important bench marks because it shows consistent recognition of our industry leading products, services, and customer service.

In 2006, the company expanded beyond its walls and moved to a new home in Oakwood Village, Ohio.  The custom-designed building houses offices, comfortable meeting areas, a demo room, an equipment warehouse, and a unique culture that stimulates creativity, close relationships, and a welcoming environment for both clients and staff. The 2011 acquisition of the wedding entertainment company, Selective Sound Entertainment, further diversified our talent pool with professionals with over twenty years of event entertainment experience.

There is always something to celebrate and our staff’s goal is to make your celebration memorable. Each member of the Rock The House team contributes his/her unique talents and personality to make up a diverse, energetic, and dynamic group. You can count on us to provide exceptional service and entertainment at every event. Find out more about what makes Rock The House special –

XBOX One Launch Party – Microsoft Store

Celebrating Gaming at Beachwood Place

Microsoft pulled all the stops on November 21, 2013 at 10:00pm EST all over the world as they released their next level of console, the Xbox One. No true product launch is complete without music, lighting, food, and energy and Cleveland was no different. The launch party in New York City featured a live performance from Macklemore; the LA party lucky attendees saw DeadMau5; and Cleveland fans at the Beachwood Place Microsoft Store were entertained by Rock The House!

Countdown to the Xbox One Launch

Hats off to the Microsoft Store because they did it right. Pizza, Pepsi products, Doritos…they know gamers! With giveaways, raffles, and game testing, these gamers got the true launch party experience. By adding “Xbox green” lighting to wash the walls and live mixing, the whole experience got elevated.

Team Member of the Month: Steve Tanruther


rock the house

Steve is the true renaissance man within the Rock The House team! Having daily job responsibilities that range from chief advisor to founder/owner Matt Radicelli, managing the full financial state of the company, as well as being the IT guru and Technology expert. Steve also chooses to expand his role away from his desk by spending time in the warehouse, on events, and side by side mentoring staff members. He is one of the few people on this earth that that has the ability to walk his dogs and read 3 or 4 newspapers before breakfast, finish a very completed Profit / Loss Statement by lunch and then spend his afternoon 40′ in the air rigging chain motors for a large event in order to give the rest of the team a break, before a quick trip the Aikido Studio for a work out, a bite to eat at a new upcoming restaurant and then to House of Blues to rock out to a great band, and despite what Steve says about his dancing skills, anyone who has joined him for a night a Mega-80’s knows that he can bust a move with the best of them. We can’t even fit all of that in a sentence without it being a high run-on but Steve makes it all seem effortless.

October is always one of the busiest months of the year at Rock The House, and this year was busier them most. Steve made sure to embrace his role as SR VP by setting an excellent example for all staff by working hard to complete his day to day tasks and also stepping in to help all other departments. By participating in sales meetings, stopping to pick up equipment on his way from and too work, and helping to project manage events on the weekend he shows everyone that a title doesn’t exclude you from doing things outside your responsibilities. Through all this month he wasn’t just “doing” but he was stopping to teach, advise, and mentor newer staff members in the process working to build a stronger more well rounded RTH team.

We hope that staff members see what it is like to truly love what you do and to always keep your skills well honed. Steve spends most of his time in the office because that is where he is needed. Its second nature to jump in a lift to hang a lighting truss, mix a few microphones from a mixing console he has never seen, and has no problem helping with event positions that may not be the most glamorous, like running feeder, or packing a truck.

rock the house cleveland

They say an elephant doesn’t forget, well we would put any elephant up head to head against Steve in a contest of institutional memory. He has been around from day one, and had a long career in AV before Rock The House. He is the guy on the team who had been there and done and makes sure we learn from the mistakes of the past. RTH Founder/Owner Matt Radicelli met Steve when he was leading the electric slide at a Twinsburg High School Dance in the early 1990’s. After a short conversation, Matt realized that Steve was also a touring sound engineer. For a company like Rock The House that spends almost even time working on Production and Entertainment you must have a leadership team that has spend time within each department. We at RTH also pride ourselves as a technology based company, and Steve makes sure to always stay on the cutting edge of technology from custom building the RTH server to managing all of the soft and hardware for all staff members, laptops, mobile devices, and work stations.

One question we ask ourselves of those we are considering for the Team Member of the Month is: “How does this person go above and beyond for Rock The House?” COO/Creative & Talent Director, Ryan Konikoff attempts to answer this one when it comes to Steve:

“If you would ask Steve this, he would say there is no such thing as going above and beyond, when something needs to be done, someone does it. If he is there he’ll do it – that’s how we grow and get better….so maybe that answers the question.”

Congratulations, Steve! You are the team member of the month on the busiest month of our busiest year…so far!


Innovation in Business Excellence

Rock The House Entertainment is grateful for each award we’ve been nominated and won over the years. This year, we’ve been nominated for a very different type of award. Often we find ourselves in the running for regional awards within the event industry for our contributions to event entertainment or production. This time, we have been nominated for a national award that is available to all industries.

rock the house cleveland entertainment

Matt Radicelli & Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine

Created to recognize the “Best of the Best” in the small-and-medium sized business (SMB) sector, the Business Excellence Awards honors the achievements and accomplishments of owners in industries and categories from around the world. The Business Excellence Awards night honors those business owners and their companies who have taken their companies, teams and results to “the next level” of success. Rock The House Entertainment has been nominated as a finalist for the “Most Innovated Company”. We’re honored to be in a list of some of the most creative companies in the United States. Wish us luck!

action coach cleveland consulting business

Matt Radicellu, Wayne Bergman, & Iain Macfarlane in Las Vegas

wedding mitzvah customer service best

Cleveland Event Entertainment Softball Challenge

1st Annual Rock The House / Jerry Bruno Softball Game

It’s summertime. That means shorts, hot dogs, and sports on a diamond. We decided this year to get our team together to play our friends at Jerry Bruno in a game of softball. Surprise, surprise…we have found out we have some real ballplayers. Between our all-staff meeting, holiday party, and now this event…we get to hang out with our ENTIRE team more often. This event was a huge success and we were able to raise money and can goods for the Cleveland Foodbank.

Check out this video to see the action:

Drake Red Carpet Pre-Party with KISS FM Cleveland

KISS & Rock The House Create BIG Events

Hang out with KISS FM and Rock The House before the Drake show on May 28th just outside the Blossom Music Center. Red Carpet photos, DJ E-V, DJ Pana, and event lighting by Rock The House means this will be a legit event hyping the crowd for Drake’s visit to Cleveland.

The pre-party is from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM, before Drake hits the stage.

DJs Entertainment Events
Additional Event Partners:

Amy Weiser Photography
Designs of Distinction

Did Your Prom Rock? Brecksville/Broadview Heights’ Sure Did!

Cleveland Event Lighting Production Creates a Prom to Remember

Cleveland Lighting DJs at The Renaissance rock out for Brecksville/Broadview Heights in downtown Cleveland. The Rock The House DJ / MC team brought unparalleled entertainment to B/BH’s prom.  Our DJs are trained to read the crowd and have a musical expertise that could keep you moving all night! These guys know music of all kinds and they knew what this group of high schoolers would dance to. Our Emcee had every student on the floor for hours!  There were no wall flowers in Cleveland on this night.  They coordinated with all the other prom professionals to make a special evening. They ensured that everyone was able to relax and get loose for this event.

School dances are a Rock The House specialty.  Our Emcee proclaimed the Prom Court, King, and Queen.  The royal party then was led to dance by the King and Queen. Rock The House green screen Photo Magic provided photo novelties for the students to take home.  Funny hats, glasses, etc. were given to the students to make as goofy a photo as they wanted! Rock The House Entertainment has been the leading entertainment provider for school dances in Northeast Ohio for over a decade. Let us show you what we can do for your next school dance –

Cleveland DJs Rock Lindsay’s Bat Mitzvah

Cleveland DJs celebrate a Pajama Themed Bat Mitzvah

Cleveland Bar/Bat Mitzvah DJs Rock The House helped Lindsay celebrate the special occasion at the Solon Community Center.  The Rock The House DJ / MC team brought unparalleled entertainment to Lindsay’s event. Our DJs are trained to read the crowd and have music knowledge that would make your head spin! These guys LOVE music of all kinds and they knew what this group would react to. Our Emcee was a true master of ceremonies in every sense of the word.  Even though everyone was in pajamas, no one was ready to go to sleep and let this party die down!

To make sure everyone is having the most fun possible, our Party Motivators made sure everyone had the best time on the dance floor. Our dancers are a group with unprecedented skills.  Graffiti Rock was also a big hit with all the kids at the party.  The photo technician first took a picture, then featured it on a big screen were you could “spray paint” over and change the picture however you wanted!  It was a truly great addition to an already stellar party.

Rock The House Entertainment has been the leading entertainment provider for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in Northeast Ohiofor over a decade. Let us show you what we can do for your next simcha –



Our Lighting ROCKED at AJ’s Bar Mitzvah

AJ’s Bar Mitzvah at Fairmount Temple in Beachwood, Ohio was an exciting one! The Rock The House DJ / MC team brought entertainment to all guests with one of the most fun packages – The Video Dance Party. The Rock The House Video Dance Party brings another element to the dance floor. It gives our DJs the ability to play music videos of the songs being played as well as the chance to put the excitement of the night’s dance floor on the big screen.

To make sure everyone is having the most fun possible, our Party Motivators made sure everyone had the best time on the dance floor. Our dancers are a group with unprecedented skills. When they are moving on the dance floor…the guests took pictures! Another trick we have are our novelties. Nothing gets our dancing guests excited like light-up hats, sunglasses, and more.

Each guest had the opportunity to leave the event with our Green Screen Photo Magic framed photo. AJ and his family were able to choose their own custom backgrounds for photos available all evening.

Rock The House Entertainment has been the leading entertainment provider for Bar and Bat Mitzvah in Northeast Ohio for over a decade.