Team Member of the Month: Nate Williams

Nate Can Do It All!

Within the last several months Nate has become our go-to-guy for not just one department, but the company as a whole. All of the different jobs Nate is able to complete makes him very valuable to our managers. Until you have worked a 20 hour day in the production industry and know that you have another 10 to go, its hard to explain why Nate is important to the entire team. He is the guy that keeps your spirits up and keeps you motivated. He’s the one that doesn’t stop working but understands if you have hit your “brick wall” and won’t say a word.

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Nate was a huge part of our success during this year’s bridal show season. Nate connected with couples and made the whole experience that much more fun for our sales staff. He made himself a real asset on some of the most important days for our company. Nate is easily one of the most unique members of our staff. Besides being a Certified Journeyman Electrician and a bar karaoke host, Nate spent his high school and college years as a competitive baseball pitcher.

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Creative and Talent Director, Ryan Konikoff stated some of the reasons Nate is no invaluable to Rock The House: I will find myself in a meeting and someone will suggest Nate to MC a show, and then a production manager will mention that they really needed him in the office to assist in leading the shop team, while another manager will say that there is a challenging load in going on that day and they were hoping he could be on that team. Everyone wants Nate on their team.

Nate’s favorite Rock The House memory give you a real look into what makes him special:

My favorite memory would probably be the wedding we did for Kirkbrides at St. Josaphat’s Art Hall, a converted old church. They had a nightmare before christmas themed wedding and we had them dancing all night long. Our DJ, MC, Lighting Designer, and Photo Booth Technician were all stars. We all killed it that night and Valerie said it was one of the best weddings that year! I always want to see the client happy and that they got more than what they paid for.

We always get more than we pay for with Nate too!