Rock The House Annual Meeting A Huge Success!

RTH Combines Fun and Humility to Beat Competition

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If your first thoughts once you realize you’ve been scheduled a 9 to 5 on a Sunday include the idea of cashing in one of your sick days, then you don’t work for Rock The House.

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From the moment RTH team members arrived at their annual All-Staff meeting, the stage was set for something more colorful than your typical yearly staff assembly. Team members, who on this day felt more like guests of honor, were politely encouraged to meet and greet with folks they hadn’t met yet over coffee and an array of breakfast muffins. 

For members like myself, it was a chance to put names to faces that – to that point – I had only shared emails with. For others, it was an opportunity to relive memories with someone they hadn’t worked with in a long time. Perhaps even as long as last year’s Annual Kickoff Meeting.

“The production team spared no time or resources when designing the audio, video, and lighting design. We do this for a living, but it was an exciting opportunity to put what we do into action for our own team.”  RTH Founder & CEO Matt Radicell

Two giant video screens accented both sides of the elevated stage, and there was enough lighting to host a respectable New Year’s Eve party. The stage, which was at least two feet off the ground, looked more prepped for a rock concert than a company meeting. There were a half dozen sets of high-end, and very loud, speakers strategically scattered throughout the Event Hall of downtown Cleveland’s Red Space, the perfect setting for such an event.The stage also featured a see-through glass bowl that was introduced to members as ‘the question bowl‘. Throughout the day teammates were encouraged to write relevant questions with the provided pen and notepad and were promised an answer by RTH managers at some point during the day. The effect was two-pronged; it allowed the meeting to flow smoothly with minimal interruption, and it allowed every person in the room a chance to ask whatever they wanted and receive a genuine response before they left.

Red Space, created by Hot Cards is a unique open gallery designed to host a variety of different events. According to,”This raw and open space is perfect for eclectic events looking for something different.” Red Space has hosted everything from conferences and weddings to art shows and wine tastings. It truly allows the client to dictate the setting. It was a perfect fit for Rock The House.

Now, Let’s Get Hands On

The all day affair didn’t just entail team building exercises and listening to speeches. Peppered into the afternoon activities was a little hands on training that proved to be very beneficial to rookies and veterans alike.


Another point of the meeting was to stress the importance of attention to detail. Hanging drape is an essential component of a multitude of RTH shows, and a brief re-teaching course of how to do it was an inevitable stop along the map of the days activities. A recap of the terminology paired with some  secret tips and tricks allowed team members to pick up on a few things they either didn’t know, forgot, or just were never formally taught. The heights and weights of the drapes used in some shows can be substantial, and the short learning session can be considered a safety issue if nothing else.

Carnival Cruise Director Eric Brouman was brought in to offer some of the core values coveted by his employer. The theme of this interaction was to highlight what Brouman called ‘being on‘, stressing positive attitudes and professional appearances the moment team members walk into an event.  As expected, the similarities between the two entertainment company’s were bountiful. As part of his module, RTH members were split into two groups and instructed to come up with their own core values. After the lists were compiled each team voted on their favorite codes. A brief discussion and video recap highlighted Brouman’s segment.

While Sunday’s meeting had all the flair of a high profile party, the intent and attention to detail provided much more than your regular company meeting. We laughed. We learned. We focused our energy on one goal; being the best and becoming better.

Throughout the day it was apparent that Rock The House was a company built by people that genuinely care about their members. For myself it felt like more than just a typical work meeting, it felt like a celebration.


Rock The House Adds 4 ISES Wow! Awards

Dale McDonald Photography

Dale McDonald Photography

On Friday, April 17th, the who’s who of the local events industry congregated in Columbus, Ohio to celebrate the 4th Annual ISES Ohio WOW! Awards. Cameron Mitchell Premier Events hosted the assembly, and the Ivory Room of Downtown Columbus provided the illustrious setting. Representatives from more than 20 Ohio based event and entertainment groups and corporations were present.

ISES, which stands for the International Special Events Society, has a Cleveland chapter that’s been active since 2008. The 100 plus member organization hosts events throughout the year designed to help companies like Rock The House grow and expand their reach, all while giving back to the special events community.

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Dale McDonald Photography

“Our events have allowed our members to learn more about how to market their business in the 21st century, how to explore green and organic options for more sustainable events, how to accommodate different ethnic and cultural traditions into their events, what trends to watch for in the future, and so much more!”

matt ises

Dale McDonald Photography

Also, as with any business, ISES imparts the importance of networking and community outreach. With the multitude of representatives from like minded organizations always in attendance, these events provide a stage for just that. Representing Rock The House was Founder & CEO – Matt Radicelli, COO – Ryan Konikoff, and Executive Assistant to the CEO – Amy Van Duyne.

This year RTH proudly captured four WOW awards, including:

  • 2015 Best Corporate Event with a budget over $150,000
  • 2015 Best Social Event with a budget over $75,000
  • 2015 Best Entertainment Production with a budget between $25,000 – $75,000
  • 2015 Best ISES Event Volunteer Collaboration

2015 ISES WOW Winner

“It was a pleasure to hang out with other members from the ISES Columbus and ISES Cincinnati chapters, and we were proud to bring four awards home for ISES Cleveland!” – Amy Van Duyne of Rock The House

The ISES Event Volunteer Collaboration recognition was bestowed upon Rock The House and some of their associates for an event called ‘A Mammoth Night of Networking.’ Rock The House partnered with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Event Source, Solus Lighting and Executive Caterers to make that night a huge success.

Rock The House also expresses a special congratulations to our sister company, Zone Entertainment, who came home with three additional WOW awards!

Over the years Rock The House has impressively collected 13 total ISES Ohio WOW! Awards. With the company rapidly growing, it doesn’t appear they’ll be slowing down anytime soon.


Cleveland Rocks New Year’s Eve


clerocksnye 03acbf7f3dde3b0f769a564e329477f6_400x400rth new logos

Rock The House is honored to have been chosen as the official production partner of Cleveland New Year’s Eve Alliance and the Ohio Homecoming Group’s “Cleveland Rocks New Year’s Eve” this year in downtown Cleveland! Celebrating our hometown with other passionate business owners is a privilege made even better by partners we call friends.

Last year’s event was unbelievably big and this year the plans have the event expanding to include more acts, indoor accommodations and more! With acts like Machine Gun KellyCarlos Jones and E-V, there’s no doubt this is going to be an incredible celebration of a new year and Cleveland.


RTH Founder/Owner Matt Radicelli, Ohio Homecoming’s Alonzo Mitchell, Hotcards CEO, John Gadd

Team Member of the Month – Travis Rose

A Perfect Balance of Leadership and Entertainment 

Travis Rose has been with the Rock The House team for only two and a half years. We exaggerate “only” because we wouldn’t have had our most successful years with out him. Travis has a skill set so vast there could be a book about it – MC skills, ability to DJ, knowledge of lighting, human resources, employee management, and sales are an example of just the first page.

Travis is a unique study, and we knew that from his interview years ago. When Travis was hired, we needed someone who could consult on events, and be an entertainer on the weekends. To prove he had the weekend skills, Travis showed us something that solidified the job for him.

“When I was interviewing, I was asked if I had any skills as an entertainer. I knew I had to do something to impress everyone in the room. I have always thought I was pretty good at free style rapping, so I took that to the next level. I grabbed the remote, pretending it was a microphone, and jumped up on the table. About mid jump I realized I couldn’t curse in the interview, so I had to think quickly and choose a safe song to rap. I ended up completing an Incubus song and the room burst out in cheers and laughter. I had a feeling at that point I nailed it and had the job!”


He was right. Travis has been entertaining on the weekends and keeping people in good spirits in the office during his time here. Recently Travis was given a promotion and now is the head of crew scheduling. He has risen to the top as an entertainer and become one of our greatest leaders. As a leader, Travis has the ability to motivate people and lead by example.

“Having fun is the most important aspect of the job. When the crew and guests at an event are enjoying themselves, it’s a win. I am always going to make sure other around me is having a great time. When it comes down to it, I am not afraid to be serious and business minded.”

COO & Creative and Talent Director Ryan Konikoff has worked very closely with Travis. They have grown together here at RTH and now share some of the same tasks. Ryan believes that Travis has a unique skill in working with clients from the very first introduction, to the completion of an event.

“Travis has a truly amazing rapport with his clients. It is common that when an evaluation comes back from an event not only will the client take the time to mention the amazing experience they had onsite working with our event staff, but also how special the planning and sales process was working with Travis. They mention he listened, he cared, and he was there for them every step of the way. This is something we hope all sales staff can learn from and try to mimic in their client interactions.”


Travis has become a great advocate for our employees. He makes sure that their voices are heard and their issues are understood. He works with management and staffs to make sure all views are embraced. He is one of the main people we count on to help in the continuing success of Rock The House.

We Love This Testimonial!

Turn Down Amore

This testimonial put a huge smile on our faces!

“Travis Rose is an incredibly talented event host who artistically drove the evening in exactly the direction we were hoping for. The progression from mellow wedding to dance club was subtle, yet impressive, making our event comfortable for all guests. Evolving from “That’s Amore” to “Turn Down for What” takes the steady hand of a gifted maestro.”

Knowing what makes our client’s events unique, understanding their tastes, and being committed to our craft is the reason for all our success. What works for one client will not work for another client! We have a diverse team of professionals who love what they do and our events speak for themselves.

Are you ready for #RockStarWeddings? Get in touch with us today. 

Team Member Of The Month: Lizzie Holton

The Backbone of the Business 

Bouncing between getting papers signed, packages mailed, and keeping the details of our office in order, Lizzie makes sure nothing slips through the cracks of our very busy company. Our continued growth while maintaining our award-winning customer service owes a lot of to our Event Consultant, Lizzie Holton.

Every week Lizzie goes through the details of each event to make sure they are getting the attention they need. Collecting the specific materials from each department and organizing paper work to make sure everyone is on the same page is only the beginning of how much Lizzie does for the office.


Lizzie has been with Rock The House for ten months. Even in that short of time she has no problem putting her foot down when needed. She is not afraid to send as many emails as it needs to get something perfect.  We asked her what the best part of working with Rock The House was and here was her response:

Working cohesively is a difficult thing to do with so many strong personalities. However, as a team our varying opinions and ideas make for some innovative meetings, events, and training.

Creative and Talent Director, Ryan Konikoff added: Lizzie makes order from chaos by organizing the binders and materials for all RTH events, making sure event staff is confirmed and everyone is equipped for success. She is able to juggle many types of events at once while working with different sales people each who have their style and systems.


Lizzie has a passion for taking care of other people and incredible skills for making sure last minute details don’t get overlooked.  She is a good sport when it comes to pranks – such as covering her entire desk in post-it notes. Lizzie is a true team player and a very important part of the Rock The House team.

Team Member of the Month: Alyssa Watson

Alyssa’s True Passion: Loving What You Do

Every team needs a spark of energy once and awhile. For Rock The House, Alyssa is far more than a tiny spark. Climbing the ropes and being able to handle plenty of obstacles has made Alyssa an integral part of our team. Her infectious personality and winning smile can instantly brighten any room and motivate other employees and party guests.


Alyssa began her journey with us a little over three years ago as a party motivator. Her love of the job is what makes her Rock The House material. Rarely requesting off, dedication to her position, willingness to learn new tasks, and a passion for entertaining guests are just a few of the things that begin to describe Alyssa.

When asked what her favorite RTH memory was, Alyssa’s response was one of a true team player:

Every experience has been memorable. It’s almost impossible to choose one over another. It’s a great feeling to be at an event where all the guests are smiling and having a great time. Making their event one of the most memorable moments of their lives is what makes every moment memorable to me. Nothing is more important to me than the client’s happiness.


Our Creative and Talent Director, Ryan Konikoff stated a few notes as to why Alyssa was selected as employee of the month: Alyssa possess an attribute that we all value greatly: consistency. She is always bringing her all, and within the last year she has really stepped up her game, raising the quality of performance she brings to the dance floor and heightening our guest experience.

Loving what you do means not having to work a day in your life. With Alyssa, we see how much she loves it everyday, and we love having her on our team!

Team Member of the Month: Nate Williams

Nate Can Do It All!

Within the last several months Nate has become our go-to-guy for not just one department, but the company as a whole. All of the different jobs Nate is able to complete makes him very valuable to our managers. Until you have worked a 20 hour day in the production industry and know that you have another 10 to go, its hard to explain why Nate is important to the entire team. He is the guy that keeps your spirits up and keeps you motivated. He’s the one that doesn’t stop working but understands if you have hit your “brick wall” and won’t say a word.

kirkbrides cleveland weddings djs

Nate was a huge part of our success during this year’s bridal show season. Nate connected with couples and made the whole experience that much more fun for our sales staff. He made himself a real asset on some of the most important days for our company. Nate is easily one of the most unique members of our staff. Besides being a Certified Journeyman Electrician and a bar karaoke host, Nate spent his high school and college years as a competitive baseball pitcher.

rock the house weddings entertainment

Creative and Talent Director, Ryan Konikoff stated some of the reasons Nate is no invaluable to Rock The House: I will find myself in a meeting and someone will suggest Nate to MC a show, and then a production manager will mention that they really needed him in the office to assist in leading the shop team, while another manager will say that there is a challenging load in going on that day and they were hoping he could be on that team. Everyone wants Nate on their team.

Nate’s favorite Rock The House memory give you a real look into what makes him special:

My favorite memory would probably be the wedding we did for Kirkbrides at St. Josaphat’s Art Hall, a converted old church. They had a nightmare before christmas themed wedding and we had them dancing all night long. Our DJ, MC, Lighting Designer, and Photo Booth Technician were all stars. We all killed it that night and Valerie said it was one of the best weddings that year! I always want to see the client happy and that they got more than what they paid for.

We always get more than we pay for with Nate too!



Team Member of the Month: Julian Mendez

Growing With RTH

Julian has been with Rock The House for a total of nine years which makes him one of our senior entertainers. Being with Rock The House this long has given him the opportunity to be someone others look to for direction and inspiration. He has taken that opportunity seriously. His career has not been defined by it’s length but how he has evolved along side us. “Watching a company I’ve been with for a significant time grow from a small garage to where it is at now has been a pleasure”, says Julian.

Rock The House has a number of specialists who are really great at the one area they contribute to on a client’s event. Julian, however, is someone who has excelled at quite a few areas because he’s not satisfied with being just “good” at one thing…he wants to master many things. His dancing is where his reputation as a leader began with us and continues to be the bedrock of his connection to a number of communities in Northeast Ohio. The world of dance thrives on the mentor/student relationship and as Julian has come through the RTH ranks, he has taken that philosophy and applied it to his work ethic. COO, Ryan Konikoff, sees this as Julian’s most powerful contribution: “Julian enjoys making sure he always has a newer staff member on his team because he enjoys training and mentoring new Rock The House staff members.” “This is such a important indicator of a team leader who is worried about the whole and not just themselves.”

Julian has transitioned from dancer, to DJ ,to MC, and now to one of the top MCs. Ryan explains why Julian was the unanimous selection for the team member of the month: “Julian achieved the single most event requests in the 30 days of all employees.” “Julian has become a shining face for many venue and event planners, we have received countless notes and emails that he is their GO TO person when he is onsite.” Being such an in-demand asset to the success of our company deserves recognition. Julian was recognized in the largest way we can earlier this year as the recipient of the Rock The House Award which honors performance, attitude, and overall impact.

Julian’s favorite Rock The House memory was not one of personal achievement but those of our clients:
“As an MC at a graduation party for 3 different guests of honor, I realized I remembered the guests of honor and most of their friends from performing at their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and birthday parties from years ago.” “I had the opportunity to watch these young adults grow into young adults on their way to college.”

Having Julian as our last team member of the month for 2013 feels right. We’re ending on a strong note with our eyes on the future due in part to his contributions.

Matt Radicelli Graduates Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses

Education Never Stops

cleveland entrepreneur graduateCongratulations to the Founder/Owner of Rock The House, Matt Radicelli, who graduated, along with 36 other small business owners, from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program this past Saturday, December 14, 2013. This program was created by Goldman Sachs as a $500 million program to unlock the growth and job-creation potential of 10,000 small businesses across the United States through greater access to business education, financial capital and business support services. Through a partnership with the City of Cleveland’s Office of Economic DevelopmentCuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), and the Goldman Sachs Foundation’s $15 million endowment, this program will directly impact the region’s economy in a variety of lasting ways.

Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Businesses

During the past 12 weeks, Matt, along with a very diverse group of regional entrepreneurs, took classes across a gamut of management topics including HR, accounting, leadership, marketing, and negotiation with workshops curated by Goldman Sach’s team members. Matt was one of two graduates (along with Alec McClennan, president of Good Nature Organic Lawn Care) who were chosen by their peers to share their stories at Saturday’s graduation ceremony at Tri-C’s Advanced Technology Training Center. “My entire family both at home and at Rock The House were extremely supportive during the three month program”, says Matt. “I couldn’t have done it without their support and understanding.  They are truly appreciated!”

Matt on the impact of the program on Rock The House:

“During one of the financial clinics, a quote was used on the video screen that said, ‘Anyone Who Can Be your Competitor, Can Be Your Partner’. That Ah-ha moment led to me offering to buy one of our competitors that very same day and we closed the deal to purchase Zone Entertainment 48 hours before I graduated from the program.”

“One of the most important roles of a leader is to spend a considerable amount of time on marketing and sales innovation. The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program put me in a position where a regimented schedule gave me the opportunity to spend considerable amounts of time on the business.”

“All entrepreneurs have an inner need to create something from nothing or to continuously create and improve those around them. This program has helped to reinvigorate me and to remind me of the things that I really enjoy doing and that I need to delegate everything else.”

“The program allowed me to develop new contacts with other Cleveland-based entrepreneurs that also led to the creation of friendships with more than 40 people including my classmates and the program faculty and staff.”matt radicelli rock the house dis

For more information on the program, watch Goldman Sach’s video: