ROCKstar of the Month of March: Jeremy Guffin

March’s ROCKstar of the Month is Jeremy Guffin! Jeremy started out with Rock The House as a load-in/load-out team member and, through hard work and dedication, has worked all the way up to being a Project Manager. He’s a creative individual who loves working here because every day is different and he thinks his coworkers are awesome!

“At first, I just needed a job, but I stayed in the event industry because it’s a dynamic environment and it’s always changing. I love that I’m never bored! I find it so rewarding that before, during, and after the events we produce, I get to see the smiles on clients’ and guests’ faces because of what our team has done.” – Jeremy Guffin, ROCKstar of the Month

In Jeremy’s 6.5 years of working at Rock The House, he’s been involved with many different events in a few different roles. Among his favorites are the AAble After Party, S.W.A.P. (Students With A Purpose) event, State Chem event, Industry: The Product Conference, and Zippity Zoo Doo. When asked why these are his favorite events, he said he loves these ones especially because he had the opportunity to be very creative in his design. Any chance to be expressive and technical is his forte!

A Few Fun Facts About Jeremy Guffin:

  1. Favorite guilty pleasure song? Anything by Taylor Swift
  1. Favorite song and/or artist? Foo Fighters
  1. Favorite movie? Christmas Vacation
  1. Favorite TV show? Ozark
  1. Favorite pre-event snack? Chipotle
  1. Favorite post-event snack? Usually, leftovers because nothing else is open that late
  1. Favorite cartoon character? Cartman from South Park
  1. Biggest fear? There’s not much I’m afraid of; I’d go skydiving with snakes on a plane into a volcano right now.
  1. Where’s the most interesting place you’ve ever traveled? I’ve been to a lot of places, but Toronto was probably the coolest. It was so culturally diverse! You can visit 20 different places in one day and bus passes are cheap so it was easy and fun!
  1. How do you take your coffee? With coffee in it
  1. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Turning water into coffee

“Jeremy continues to challenge himself and those around him to do better and learn more. He is always looking for better ways to serve our customers and make our technicians job in the field as easy and efficient as can be.” – Ryan Durfee, Production Manager

When he’s not at Rock The House, he can be found playing with his dog Roxie (ask for pictures if you get the chance) or enjoying the outdoors with his fiancé. If he’s not traveling for work, he’s often traveling to perform with the barbershop chorus he’s a part of, The Men of Independence.

The biggest things Jeremy feels he’s gained from working at Rock The House are confidence and leadership skills. We believe that’s exactly what makes Jeremy such an awesome team member to work with and produce ROCKin’ events with!

Congratulations to Jeremy on being March’s ROCKstar of the Month! Interested in working with ROCKstars like him to produce your next event? Contact our team of event professionals today to get started! Photos courtesy of the Rock The House Photo Archive.

ROCKstar of the Month of July: Myke Delano (DJ Flightz)

Our ROCKstar of the month for July is none other than Myke Delano! Also known by his stage name DJ Flightz, Myke is one of our finest DJs and has been a part of our team for about four years now. Along with DJing, Myke also works part-time in the shop as a Rock The House technician.


Myke’s favorite part about working for Rock The House is the wide variety of events he gets to work and performed. However, when we asked Flightz what his favorite RTH event has been, it’s not very easy for him to pick. Myke tells us, It’s hard to decide, but I think that Shaker’s 2015 and 2016 Proms are my favorites.”

A Few Fun Facts About Myke Delano:

  • Guilty pleasure song? None; Myke says he’s not embarrassed by anything when it comes to music.
  • Pre-event snack? Beef Jerky, Skittles, and Redbull.
  • Post event snack? Pretzels.
  • What is your biggest fear? Not being able to hear… losing my hearing would be horrible. Sound puts me at peace.
  • What’s your favorite Rockstar Quote? “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley
  • What artists are your biggest musical influences? A-Trak and Drake
  • Favorite recommendation on SnapChat or Instagram? Dillion Francis is pretty funny. Sometimes a bit too ridiculous, but still funny.
  • What got you into DJing? My fraternity. I would just randomly DJ and play music since I was always a music junkie. I also loved having the newest music and just always playing it for people.


Although Myke loves DJing for Rock The House, he says that his dream job would be owning a cigar bar and lounge, with one of our lead entertainers Travis Rose as a stand-up comedian. However until that day comes, Myke is always prepared to tackle any event, and can always be counted on to keep the people dancing!

“I attribute much of Myke’s success to his continued dedication to the art of DJing. He has always possessed raw talent but it’s now evident that the practice Myke puts in outside of work has elevated his performances year to year.  Myke’s maturation as an entertainer has been awesome to witness. Regardless of the type of event or demographic, he has an uncanny ability to read a crowd and keep the energy on the dance floor rocking all night. DeLano in an invaluable asset to Rock The House and we are super fortunate to have him as one of our lead entertainers. A great employee, an incredible DJ, but ultimately, he is an even better person!” – Travis Rose, Talent Director

Interested in working with DJ Flightz for your next event? Contact our team of event professionals today to get started!

ROCKstar of the Month of June: Jeremy Guffin

Meet Jeremy Guffin, our RTH Rockstar of the month for June! Already halfway through his fourth season with Rock The House, Jeremy has worked his way through the company. Jeremy started as a shop technician and is now one of our Event Leads and a promising Lighting Designer.


A born leader, Jeremy loves stepping up and taking command of a team. Jeremy says  “I enjoy leading a team because it lets me show my older and newer leadership skills, and I like the risks and rewards that come with a successful show!”

A Few Fun Facts About Jeremy Guffin:

  • Guilty pleasure song? “Sugar We’re Going Down” by Fallout Boy
  • Pre-event snack? A classic PB&J
  • Post event snack? COLD BEER (No food, just beer.)
  • What lineup of three artists would be at your dream concert? Foo Fighters, Earth, Wind, & Fire, & Disturbed.
  • Best part about being on the Rock The House team? I like the personal satisfaction of having control of the atmosphere. Until you see a room elegantly designed, you don’t notice the impact of lighting until it’s not there. Also teamwork: It is important to have a well-developed staff, but it’s also good knowing they are willing to learn. Jeremy enjoys providing guidance to other RTH team members.
  • Favorite event you have performed with Rock The House? “Our Edgewater Live Summer Concert series. I love it because it’s a great environment, a free event to the public, and I love working with the Metroparks.”


As much as Jeremy enjoys working for Rock The House, he says that his other dream job would be to become a professional musician. Jeremy is a great addition to the RTH team, and can always be counted on to make an event the best it can possibly be.

“Jeremy is a true asset to the team.  His team mentality helps everyone around him perform at a higher level, while continually pushing himself to further his knowledge and experience base.  Even if something snags him up, you know it will only be temporary, and he will come back in full force.” – Ben Allison, Production Manager

Interested in working with Jeremy for your next event? Contact our team of event professionals today to get started!