Neil Leeson & Be Seated Holiday Open House

Starting The Holidays Off Right!

We were honored to help designer and florist, Neil Leeson celebrate the holidays with his clients and friends on November 19, 2013. His holiday open house showed visitors the latest in event design, rentals, and trends at their very spacious showroom. An event industry veteran, Neil knew just how to take care of his guests! Hors d’oeuvres, wine, signature floral mocktails, desserts and coffee made for a true holiday celebration. Neil’s Decor and Floral Retail Store also had a variety of boutique offerings that would make amazing holiday gifts (including Bacon scented Man-Candles!).

We were honored to be asked by Neil to accent his designs with lighting. Guests knew immediately they were at the right place with the red lighting accenting the building’s facade. Washing his showroom walls in light created the event atmosphere he was looking for that helped put everyone in the mood. Our wireless pin spotting lights accented the aspects of Neil’s design and Be Seated‘s rentals that he wanted to really pop. Tying everything together was new pieces of L’nique’s contemporary linens.

Working with someone like Neil is great because he knows exactly what he wants and we just make it happen. Working hand in hand with high level collaborators elevates everyone’s efforts and gives our clients the best possible experiences.