ISES Cleveland Technology Showcase

On May 9, 2012, at Lacentre Conference & Banquet Facility, Rock The House will have four of its team members speaking on the topic of technology in regards to boosting productivity for event industry professionals. As active ISES Cleveland members, Rock The House is committed to advancing the profile of the event industry in Cleveland and this topic gives us a great opportunity to share with our industry peers. 

Attendees will leave with new ideas on ways to:
  • Increase Productivity & Accountability
  • Better Communicate Event Logistics
  • Increase Revenue at Your Events
  • Get the Attention of Potential Clients with the Maximum Return on Investment.


  • Shannon Dolan of EventWorks, Inc – Topic: 3D Holographic Display Technology
  • Andy Halko of Insivia – Topic: Augmented Reality
  • Rick Turner of Event Source – Topic: Event Ticketing Technology
  • Zane Gloer of Aable Rents – Topic: CAD Design
  • Aaron Lucas of Quez Media – Topic: QR Codes
  • Matt Radicelli of Rock The House Entertainment – Photo Repository
  • Nick Borelli of Rock The House Entertainment – Topic: Social Media Roadmap
  • Steve Tanruther of Rock The House Entertainment – Topic: HTML-Based Office Hub
  • Jessica Smith of Rock The House Entertainment – Topic: Basecamp: Increase Productivity, Accountability & Save Time
  • Rita Singh of Miraj  International – Topic: E-Mail Direct Marketing


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