A Few Good Groomsmen

By: Jessa Goodworth

This has been a crazy summer for RTH staff members. Of course, we work in events and every weekend is filled with them, but after being in business for 10 years, we have grown accustomed to having somewhat of a slow summer… a couple events here and there but mostly planning and plotting for the coming year’s busy season. This summer did not fall into the regular, “chill” category as, for the past 3 years, we have been launching a wedding marketing campaign and really enjoying our new roll as a Wedding DJ and Production Company – which left us performing, hosting and producing 75 weddings this summer.

Not only were we involved in planning these events as vendors, but many of our most recognizable EMCEE’s were also front and center at RTH produced weddings in other ways – rather than being a wedding vendor- They were members of The Bridal Party!

Matt Radicelli - Founder/Owner of Rock The House was honored at the wedding of long-time buddy, Travis Roe.

Jeff Kutz - Vice President of Sales - Rock The House helped out long-tim friend and event professional - Rick Smith Jr.

Tim Frankish – EMCEE and creative services manager, was approached by long-time friend and RTH wedding EMCEE – Kevin New to be honored as a groomsman.


In a sit-down interview with my fellow co-workers, I wanted to get the dirt on what being a Groomsman at a Rock The House event was like…

RTH – For each of your respective grooms, how long have you known the groom and how did you meet?

Matt – I’ve known Travis for 15 years. We met in HS, started working together after we graduated.

Jeff – I have known Rick for 5 plus years. We met while working an event together.

Tim – I meet my buddy Kevin when we were in middle school. That was about 13 years ago!

RTH – At the wedding that you were in, which vendors were used?

Matt – RTH DJ’d the wedding… it was at stambaugh auditorium… beautiful.

Tim – They used LCD photo and video for capturing their memories. Not sure about the limo service, it was very tight inside the limo…I think they tell people their bigger then they really are.

Jeff – LCD Photography, Hilton Akron/Fairlawn, Rock The House

RTH – What was it like, seeing RTH from a guest’s perspective?

Matt – Hard to contain myself… I notice everything. We did a great job and was proud to provide the products and services to a dear friend.

Tim – It was hard at first to relax…but after a few drinks and hitting the dance floor…I truly got to enjoy myself. I can honestly saw Rock The House is amazing at what we/they do!

Jeff – Amazing…not being biased.  I had the time of my life!

RTH – Were you tempted at all, as a groomsmen, to get on the mic and do your thing?

Matt – Yes, and I did get on the mic once… couldn’t stop myself.

Tim – Not at all.

Jeff – Thought never crossed my mind!

RTH – What were you most impressed with as a groomsman in the wedding that you were in?

Matt – I was impressed by how much everyone danced and that the lighting was breathtaking.

Jeff – I was too busy having fun to notice!

Tim- The one thing that impressed me the much was how much thought my buddy and his wife put into the whole day. Everything was thought through…and carried out exactly how they wanted their special day. It truly is a lot of work…but in the end…it was exactly what they wished for!