Guests will remain entertained at your next event with the Rock The House Interactive Games Collection! These games will get guests out of their seats and on their feet!  Contact Rock The House today to get the party started!

Bring the casino straight to your guests! Featuring classics such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps & Slot Machines, these games—available individually or as a custom package—let guests of all ages test their luck.

Color Combat is a one-of-a-kind game that tests your speed with colors. Each player will try to hit lights corresponding with their color, which moves around this interactive board, creating a color combat to be the winner!

Perfect for those who love to game! With multiple gameplay modes to choose from, guests can go solo or pit their skills against one another in a wide range of new games and old classics.

The game starts with ten contestants who battle head-to-head in different challenges using everyday household items. Contestants are eliminated until one is left standing, facing the clock against a 60-second challenge.

Bring the excitement of the track to your events with Home Stretch, the head-to-head attraction sure to draw a crowd. Bounce balls off the starting pad, aim for targets to earn points, and bring your horse across the finish line.

Add a splash of color to your event with a modern twist on a traditional game. LED Ping Pong is a hit with all ages and will keep guests moving and entertained all night long!

Megawire is the ultimate test of patience, steadiness, and hand-eye coordination. Fun and easy to play but difficult to win, guests must maneuver the metal ring along the curving wire without touching it and setting off the buzzer!

Race the timer as you shoot basket after basket and try to score more points than your opponent! Each challenge lasts 60 seconds to allow multiple groups to experience the fun.

Hoop with a group! Up to four players face off head-to-head in this 60-second basketball challenge that features electronic scoring with sporting music and sound effects.