Ensure guests remained entertained at your next event with the Rock The House Giant Games & Yard Games Collection! From giant versions of classic games to the latest yard games for summertime fun, these larger-than-life games are sure to entertain guests of all ages! Contact Rock The House today to get the party started!

Like tic-tac-toe but with FOUR in a row! This larger-than-life crowd favorite is great recreation for camps, lawn games, family game nights, picnics, or parties.

Guests will love playing the giant version of this childhood favorite. Engage in a head-to-head competition or play in teams to see who pulls the block that tumbles the tower!

They say, “Go big, or go home,” and we decided to go big! Play this oversized version of the classic table game for a new challenge.

Bring some oversized fun to this board game classic! Guests will compete to have the last piece on the board, moving across the board with their pieces in this life-sized version of Checkers.

Put your own twist on this classic backyard party game! Sure to be a hit at your next party, these boards are completely customizable with your logo, name, date, or anything you can dream up.

Guest will love this life-sized version of the classic strategy game when they put themselves on the chess board, directing their pieces, protecting their king, and going after the opponent.

Similar to cornhole, Kan Jam is a fun-filled, action-packed team game ideal for outdoor outings. Play casually or competitively with this flying disc game made for everyone!

Take our word for it: Giant Scrabble is a huge hit! Watch as guests of all ages participate in a friendly competition to see who can create the most words and win the most points.

Spice up your next outdoor party with this supersized classic that keeps the fun going into the night with LED lights! Easy to store, transport, and set up, giant cornhole is perfect for your next outdoor shindig.

Traditional foosball tables limit the fun to only a handful of people, but our giant foosball table is built for large parties! A modern rendition of the house party classic, you can’t go wrong with this easy-to-play game for guests of all ages!

A wide selection of colored pegs and a giant, backlit board will unleash the artistic potential of your guests! With no inspirational limits, you can even use the board to create a short message, design, or even a custom brand logo.