The weather is warming up in Ohio (finally!), which means it’s time to bring your events outside!

Outdoor spaces allow flexibility and creativity, but there are a few important details regarding stage production and entertainment options to consider when outside. 

Consider Renting a Mobile Stage 

If your outdoor event requires a stage, remember that you’ll need more than just space for the stage itself. You’ll need a 1) backstage area, 2) additional AV equipment, and 3) room for a front-of-house. 

The benefit to a mobile stage rental is that they are compact, affordable, and provide for quicker setup. Plus, many can be towed with a standard pickup truck and require only a few stage technicians for setting up and tearing down.

Because they are more nimble, outdoor mobile stages are perfect for a range of events like festivals, school celebrations, church events, beach concerts, and community.

Environmental Bonus: Mobile stages require less energy to tow than standard semi-trailers filled with staging, so you’re also reducing fuel costs and your carbon footprint.

Customize Your Displays

Do you need special media, signage, or sponsorship advertising for your event?

You can create custom stage backdrops and display utilizing LED video wall tiles that cycles through fully-customizable media presentations.

Not a media pro? No problem. Our talented in-house team has experience creating thousands of hours of video presentations, motion graphics, logo loops, and more!

Plus, our mobile stages have built-in banner space on all four sides of the stage to show off your signage.

Bonus? We have easy-to-use banner design guides for both the SL 100 and APEX 3224 to help you design and order the correct sizes. Check out the SL 100 Guide below!

Plan an Event For All Ages

While the action on the big stage is the main focus, event attendees might need a break now and then.

Allow them to shake things up by having larger-than-life games available to play!

Think giant versions of Jenga, Checkers, Chess, and Connect 4 plus yard game classics like Cornhole and Bocce Ball. We carry all of these for rent as well as unique others like Red Cup Shoot Out.

Create team and family competitions throughout the day – a great way to increase attendance at your event and provide a chance for family and team bonding!

At Rock The House, we want to help make planning your next outdoor event easy.

Our team of experts is ready to help you plan the perfect staging, AV, lighting, and entertainment for your event.

Contact us today if you have any questions or are ready to talk production and entertainment for your outdoor festival or celebration.