Team Member of The Month – Ernie Scales

Rock The House Entertainment is rolling out a formal Team Member of The Month program coming out of our 2012 All Staff Meeting this April. That meant that management was faced with setting a precedent and prototype for this honor. What a relief it was for us to have just the person…Ernie Scales.


Head of Human Resources at Rock The House, Ryan Konikoff said:

“Selecting Ernie was an easy choice. So far, he holds the lead for the most requests in 2012 by clients. Every MC always asks to have him on their events, and he lives the idea of leading by example. Ernie takes dance classes in his free time to learn all different types of dance that may help him as a RTH dancer, he always has a smile on his face, and you can tell he just really love the job”

In the year and a half that Ernie has been with us, he has shown an eagerness to learn, consistency, drive, and character. This isn’t even mentioning his amazing skills! Don’t just take our word for it! He made it farther than hundreds of other competitive dancers at the 2012 “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 9 tryouts in Los Angeles. You can read more about that fascinating experience here.

Ernie says it best:

“What makes me a unique dancer is my passion. I use dancing to describe who I am and how I feel. I basically use dance to let people see my true personality. I live for dance and I dance to live. What makes a dancer unique is not about their moves it’s about heart.”

When we told Ernie he was selected to be the Team Member of the month he was grateful. He then told us he didn’t feel like he was a member of a team, however. To him, he’s a member of a family. We couldn’t agree more!

2012 Pink The Rink Wrap-Up Video

Rock The House enjoys a great partnership with The Lake Erie Monsters and the annual Pink The Rink event is a yearly highlight of that relationship. Each year, The Lake Erie Monsters Hockey team raises awareness as well as money for cancer research. Quicken Loans Arena was awash in pink-clad hockey fans ready for a great time and we are proud to have helped.

Here’s our wrap-up video from the event:

Rock The House dancers had a great time with many of the kids attending the game. Our Rock The House stage on The Q concourse had dozens of kids of all ages dancing, singing, and having a great time between periods of the game. Our DJsMCs, and dancers were able to both have fun and show off their skills.

Another reason everyone at Rock The House looks forward to Pink The Rink is that the entire team is welcome to attend the event with their families. We had over 100 tickets and that’s one big group!  One of our sections was even on the Q-Tube Score Board.

Rock The House also was retweeted on the Q-Tube with this tweet:

@igotrocked: @tweetqtube The best hockey fight is when The Monsters fight cancer! #PinkTheRink

This event is for such a great cause and we are really excited to have been asked to help. If your next event is looking for that something special to bring it to the next level, give us a call.


We Know Ernie Can Dance!

We couldn’t be more proud of our extraordinary dancer, Ernie. We know he’s one of the best we’ve seen. His natural talent is something you have to see to believe. Ernie, however, keeps pushing himself to get better and to take his talent to the next level. He did just that on March 2nd and 3rd when he auditioned for “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 9 in Los Angeles.

Cleveland Mitzvah DJs Season 9

Ernie was actually the first person in line at 5:30 AM the day before the auditions began. He did not have the opportunity to dance until 10:00 PM the next day. How amazing is that? He brings that same level of dedication to each event he works on for Rock The House, so this feat comes as no surprise to us. Out of the 500 dancers who auditioned in Los Angeles, Ernie made it to the top 20.

Rock The House DJs

Once Ernie made it past the first round, it was a whirlwind of activities without stop for the next 48 hours. Photoshoots, video loops, and interviews about his life story all took place back to back. His second audition is where he knew he had to do something to stick out from the pack of other hip-hop dancers. He showed them stunt dancing like they had never seen including running the length of the wall where “So You Think You Can Dance” was written. This immediately excited the judges.

With one hour of sleep, jet-lag, and (most disappointingly) a knee injury (from the photoshoot of all places) his last audition didn’t go as well as the previous two did. Every judge loved not only his story but his attitude as well.

Everyone at Rock The House is incredibly proud of Ernie. He is one of our most requested dancers and a big favorite of guests. Ernie told us this was only his second audition of his life after the audition that earned him a spot on the Rock The House dance team. Los Angeles will not be his last. Season 10 will have one amazing talent auditioning next year.

Cleveland Dance DJ Mitzvah

Cleveland Bat Mitzvah Lighting DJs at B’nai Jeshurun

Cleveland Bat Mitzvah DJs helped host a Bat Mitzvah at B’nai Jeshurun in Pepper Pike, Ohio. The DJs provided music and MC services for the event. They also brought in party dancers to motivate the crowd to dance and participate at the party. Rock The House lighting really made a great impact on the event. Novelties such as fun hats and glasses were also handed out to guests for them to dress up with. Check out the Rock The House website for more information on Bar Mitzvah DJs or other event entertainment.