ROCKstar of the Month of May: Nick Lockhart

For the month of May, our ROCKstar is none other than MC/DJ/Dancer Nick Lockhart. We have had the pleasure of working with Nick at Rock The House for the past 4 years. He never fails to bring energy and personality to every event he works at Rock The House.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.28.41 AM

Reliable, personable, humble, resourceful and always a team player, Nick never lets minor hiccups interrupt his ever-positive perspective on the work we do as entertainers.  We are honored to call Nick a member of our RTH family.

Lets get to know Nick a little better now, shall we?

Nick, what is your favorite…

  • Guilty pleasure song? Take On Me by A-HA
  • Pre-event snack? Gushers
  • Post event snack? Chinese food
  • Cartoon character that best describes you? Gerald from Hey Arnold
  • Best part about being on the Rock The House team? Going on events and making people happy. Being able to get to dance and have a good time is what it’s all about.
  • Favorite event you have performed with Rock The House? The first Bar Mitzvah I ever Emceed. Everything seemed to go wrong, but it was a great experience and the client had no idea! Everyone had an amazing time.

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Fun fact

It takes Nick 5-10 minutes to do his hair every day. However, he is always tending to it throughout the day to make sure it stays looking fresh. Nick has been rocking this hairstyle for 4 years now.

“Nick is an invaluable asset to Rock The House because of his ability to perform at ANY type of event. Whether he is asked to get the dance floor rocking with his DJ skills, dance skills, or rock his mic skills, he answers every time. It’s been a pleasure to see him grow from a talented but shy 17-year-old, to a talented and charismatic young man.” – Travis Rose, Talent Director

Do you want Nick to be apart of your next event? Contact our team of event pros to get started!