Rock The House goes Over the Edge for Hattie Larlham

Over the Top Production Team goes Over the Edge for Charity

At Rock The House we always take our production over the top, and thanks to the fundraising efforts of a local charity, we literally got to go over the top of a building! This past Saturday our marketing coordinator, Tim Long, participated in Over the Edge for Hattie Larlham. Over the Edge sends participants who have raised pledges rappelling down an office building in a signature event for non-profits. Hattie Larlham is a Northeast Ohio organization that provides assistance to children and adults with developmental diseases.

The event collected more than $140,000 at Hattie Larlham. As one of the sponsors, we were allowed to send one of our employees Over the Edge. When the office asked who want to repel down the 22-story PNC building in Akron, Tim shot his hand up with enthusiasm.

Tim showed his excitement on many levels for the event – “I love to participate in any type of urban adventure, and joining a cause that helps other people is truly what makes it special. Not only do I get to represent Rock The House by repelling down a building, but it fits with our values in helping others in the Cleveland plus region.”

RTH REPEL from RTH Multimedia on Vimeo.

One of the features that we provided was our latest product called SocialCast. SocialCast creates a feed of social media posts from event attendees using a specific hashtag. With customizable options and multiple social networks, users can become part of the visuals at an event.

You can learn more about Hattie Larlham and Over the Edge on their websites. To find out more about Rock The House and our services you can find us online or give us a call to see how we can help your event – 440.232.7625