Below you will find the current course offerings for Rock The House Training. Click on the course you would like to learn more about.


A100: Introduction to Audio – Signal Types, Intro to Sound Systems & Speakers
A200: Intermediate Audio – Analog & Small Digital Desks, Cable Routing, COM, Microphone Knowledge
A300: Advanced Audio – Large Digital Desks, Live Music – Bands, Monitors


Dancer Jams: Follow Me, Games, Break Dancing, Interaction with Guests


DJ100: Introduction to DJing – Level 1 Music Knowledge, Software, Gain & Metering
DJ200: Intermediate DJing – Level 2 Music Knowledge, Beat Matching, Crowd Reading, Custom Media
DJ300: Advanced DJing – Level 3 Music Knowledge, “DJ” Performance


EE100: Gaming Stations, Ping Pong, Dodgeball, Sumo Suit, Foosball, Money Vault, Rock Shots


EMCEE100: Introduction to Emceeing – Birthday Parties, High School Dances, Elementary & Middle School Dances
EMCEE200: Intermediate to Emceeing – Pep Rallies, Mitzvahs, Client Interaction (Including MC Phone Calls)
EMCEE300: Advanced Emceeing – Weddings, Game Show Host, Corporate, Voice of God, Karaoke


L100: Introduction to Lighting – Understanding DMX, LED Lights, Basic Conventional Lighting, Analog Consoles
L200: Intermediate Lighting – Pinspoting, Moving Lights, Dimmer Management, Moving Light Console, Special Effects
L300: Advanced Lighting- Lighting Design


PN100: Introduction to Photo Novelties – LA Photo Booth, Classic Photo Booth, Open Air Photo Booth, Scrapbooking
PN200: Intermediate Photo Novelties – Photo Novelty Prep, Basic Photo Shop, Fantasy Photo Booth
PN300: Advanced Photo Novelties – Troubleshooting, Remote Backend Software


P100: Introduction to Power – Power Safety, Metering, Load Calculation
P200: Intermediate Power – Power Theory, Cable Repairs, Dimmer Management
P300: Advanced Power – Generator Tie-In, Panel Tie-In


R100: Introduction to Rigging – Rigging Equipment, Ground Rigging (C-Stands, Truss Uprights, Pipe & Drape)
R200: Intermediate Rigging – Airwall Rigging, Truss Arches / Cages
R300: Advanced Rigging – High Rigging, Load Calculation


VM100: Introduction to Vehicle Management – Safety Checks, Gas Cards, Driving a Van
VM200: Intermediate/Advanced Vehicle Management – Driving a Truck & Trailer, 16′ Truck, 24′ Truck


V100: Introduction to Video – Signal Types, Kramer, Video Dance Party, Camera Op, Media Drives, Small Projectors
V200: Intermediate Video – LVS800, Pulse, PPT/Keynote, Video Distribution, Large Projectors, Lens Calculations
V300: Advanced Video – QLab, Caller, Grand VJ, Video Mapping