Who owns Rock The House?

The new ownership structure of Rock The House Entertainment Group, Inc. consists of six officers who have been instrumental in the company’s growth, with COO Ryan Konikoff holding the majority share. Konikoff serves alongside Founder & CEO Matt Radicelli; CFO & VP, Steve Tanruther; VP of Operations, Amy Van Duyne; VP of Social Sales, Jeff Kutz and Founder and President of Zone Entertainment, Jeff Dick. 

Why did Matt Radicelli decide to share equity?

Radicelli started RTH with the intention of it being more than him. He has nurtured the company for 20 years along with the group that now shares equity. Radicelli believes the partnership will enable the company to accelerate growth, while also acknowledging that the partnership is a formalization of how the leadership and decision making has been functioning. 

Who’s in charge?

While the ownership structure of our company has changed, official roles and duties remain exactly the same.

What is the relationship of the partners?

We’ve always functioned as partners and we’ll continue to push each other. The formalized partnership will accelerate growth and collaboration – Which is sure to lead to exciting new things. 

What will change?

While we plan to continue to grow here in Cleveland, we also plan to push for regional and national growth. We see opportunities for growth in audio visual work as well as new and even better ways to serve our current clients. Our investment in people will remain strong as we continue to grow our teams. We plan to remain and grow in each of our market segments. We plan to push the limits of innovation, staying ahead of trends and offering the very best equipment and ROCKstar team in the industry. 

How will changes impact company culture?

No one wants to change the culture. The partners chose to invest because of their desire to grow, rather than change the company. The fact that the officers are all remaining, and remaining in the same positions, demonstrates their commitment and pride.

Could the company ownership change again?

While Radicelli acknowledges that building something people want to buy is certainly a noteworthy accomplishment, there are no plans at this time for any additional changes in ownership. That said, the partners don’t rule out the possibility at some future point in time. 

Is my service agreement with Rock The House for my event still in force?

Absolutely! It is business as usual. Not only will we continue to honor all service agreements, but your point of contact remains the same as well!

Will my representative / point of contact at Rock The House change?

No!  Customer satisfaction is our first consideration.