Cleveland Video Services


Natural, spontaneous mementos, quietly captured using state-of-the-art digital technology … your milestone movie will become one of your most treasured mementos.  Our creative staff will help you design your perfect milestone experience.

Our unobtrusive filming practices will capture every moment, while allowing you to enjoy your special day.  On-location filming begins before your first guest arrives.  Pre-event and behind the scenes filming is also available to capture all of the candid details of your important day.

All video footage is edited to produce a timeless account of your event including a highlight reel.  The final product is presented in a beautiful keepsake that you will proudly display in your home or office.

Videos can be filmed in standard or high-definition.

Custom Videos

Concept Videos

Rock The House can create a custom “mini-movie” starring your family and/or guest of honor.  In addition to the standard photographs and music, this video includes group “storyboarding”, custom scripting, on-location video shoots, and special effects.  Upon completion, you will receive copies of your final production.

Photo Montages

A special event needs special attention!  Video montages cleverly create a short film about a person or event.  Our video experts piece together your treasured pictures, video clips, and hand-selected songs to form a customized video just for you!  The video can be played for guests at an event, saved on a DVD for future viewing, and reproduced to send to out of town relatives.

Reload Videos

Make your guest of honor feel even more important with a custom grand entrance video.  The short opening consists of a small skit filmed and edited to welcome the Bride and Groom, Bar/Bat Mitzvah child, or even Prom King and Queen.

Jump Videos

This is a Rock The House original concept and quickly becoming one of the hottest fads in the party scene.  By using multiple video screens, you can literally jump from one side of your party to the other to welcome guests, show them around, or just have fun with them.

Integrated Media

Web/Pod Casts

Allow Rock The House to share your event to those who are unable to attend. We can record your event live and stream online on the web or podcast through iTunes.

Digital Signage

This “green” advertising solution spreads your message in a larger than life fashion.  Rock The House will create custom graphics to project on screens, walls, or even sides of building as a new way to display media.

Wireless Video Transmission

Capture the entire party on multiple decor screens around the room.  Our video production team can freely roam the venue and film the entire event to play live video content as it is happening throughout the party.  It’s a new twist on using technology for décor and entertainment.

IMAG Services

Make sure no one misses a single detail of your event.  By using high definition cameras, our team is able to enlarge your video images to provide clear viewing from any point in the venue.  This service is especially useful and popular at events with guest lecturers, exhibitions, and demonstrations.

Motion Graphics

Our video technician can mix media all night long from live camera shots, music video sources and still photography to customize the total event experience.

Contact Rock The House today for more information on videography and multimedia services for your next event.