See what your event guests are saying and doing in real-time! With Socialcast, guests use specific, relevant hashtags to interactively contribute personalized content like text and images, generating excitement around your event! With an on-site tech to monitor content, you can be sure that what’s shared strikes the right tone.

Socialcast considerations:

  • Displays live/real-time texts and social media posts from your guests
  • Great for older kids and adults
  • Generates excitement around your event
  • Comes with an exception, on-site RTH technician to monitor posts and assist with services
  • Requires 120V/6A power
  • Requires external video display

Socialcast utilizes:

  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and text-to screen technology
  • Custom event hashtags

Socialcast is great for:

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • School dances and events
  • Corporate events
  • Non-profit events