RTH Gives Back – 2012 Solon Relay For Life

18 Hours Running on Hope

Rock The House’s RTH Gives Back Program is dedicated to enhancing our community with our unique skills and assets. There are a wide variety of worthy causes that we give time and resources to because we love our community and we want it to be as strong as it can be.

Once again, Rock The House has provided MCs, sound equipment/production, and entertainment to the Solon Relay For Life. Over $42,000 was raised over the 18 hours of festivities that started on Friday, June 8th and continued straight through to Saturday, June 9th at 11:00 AM! Survivors between the ages of 8 and 80 were on-hand to celebrate with friends and family their success of beating cancer. It really gave hope to all who attended that a cure is possible with more research and money.

Our MCs and dancers were on hand to guide the event through every hour. In addition to keeping the flow of the event moving, Rock The House called on it’s many years experience creating and running games where everyone can be involved. 18 hours is a long time to party but we made it happen! We want to really applaud our team’s efforts because involvement in this event was purely voluntary on their part. When we say we have a commitment to our community we mean EVERYONE! The company gave it’s resources and equipment but these individuals gave up their time (very willingly) and its that level of commitment that makes us proud.

For more photos, check out our Facebook Album from this event.

Solon High School Rocks at Their Prom

Cleveland Lighting DJs at Signature of Solon in Solon, Ohio rock out for Solon High School’s Senior Prom. The Rock The House DJ / MC team brought unparalleled entertainment to Solon’s prom.  Our DJs are trained to read the crowd and have a musical expertise that could keep you moving all night! These guys know music of all kinds and they knew what this group of high schoolers would dance to. Our Emcee had every student on the floor for hours!  They coordinated with all the other prom professionals to make a special evening.  They ensured that everyone was able to relax and get excited for this event.

School dances are a Rock The House specialty.  Our Emcee proclaimed the Prom Court, King, and Queen.  The royal party then was led to dance by the King and Queen.  Rock The House Entertainment has been the leading entertainment provider for school dances in Northeast Ohio for over a decade. Let us show you what we can do for your next school dance –

Record Day in Cleveland

This past weekend was one for the record books! 20 events throughout the Cleveland, Ohio area were thrilled by Rock The House DJs, MCs, dancers, photobooths, and a variety of custom lighting designs specifically created for our client’s visions.

Over 60 Rock the House team members rocked the lives of students, families, companies, and couples on Saturday. Each event was great for unique reasons. From a stunningly elegant tented outdoor wedding for wedding planner extraordinaire, Valerie Kirkbride, to Kyle’s Bar Mitzvah at Landerhaven, all the way to a number of really fun high school homecomings…this weekend had it all.

The team celebrated, at the end of the night, with a cookout at Rock The House Headquarters. Everyone was excited to share the details of their events with each other. It goes to show you just how much pride our team has in their work. That’s what sets us apart: Rock Star Entertainers working for Rock Star Clients.

Are you ready for that experience?