Cleveland Mitzvah DJs at Intercontinental Hotel – Amazing Lighting!

Cleveland Bar Mitzvah DJs helped host a Bat Mitzvah at Intercontinental Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. This was a really special event. The theme of this Bat Mitzvah was “Winter Wonderland”. The Rock The House DJs played music and provided MC host services for the event. Party dancers motivated the crowd to dance and participate at the party. Rock The House lighting made a memorable impact on the event.

In addition, novelties such as fun hats and glasses were also handed out to guests for them to dress up with.

One of the ways this event was impacted the most was through our event lighting. This event had uplights, gobo monograms, feature lighting, as well as a lighting designer at the event coordinating the lights to create a club-like feel. Guests were able to leave the event with a favor of a photo from our custom Green Screen Photo Magic. Many guests also left with our tattoo artist’s art somewhere on them!

Check out the Rock The House website for more information on Bat Mitzvah DJs or other event entertainment.

Cleveland Bat Mitzvah Lighting DJs at the Intercontinental

Cleveland Bar Mitzvah DJs helped host a Bat Mitzvah at the Intercontinental Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. The DJs provided music for the kids as well as adults and MC services for the event. Party dancers got the crowd motivated to dance and made sure that everyone was included in the fun. Custom shirts were designed and printed by the DJs as well and used as party favors. Event lighting included uplights, feature lighting, pin spotting, and monogrammed gobo lights for this winter wonderland themed party. The lighting designer was on hand to coordinate the lighting to the sound.

One of the features that guests really enjoyed at this event was our Green Screen Photo Magic. Guests were able to leave with a personalized favor utilizing the unique theme of the event.

For more information on Cleveland Bar Mitzvah DJs and other event entertainment, check out the Rock The House website.