Rock The House Staff Retreat – Building Company Culture through Outstanding Customer Service

2011 Rock The House full-time staff members

Rock The House is dedicated to the culture and well-being of it’s employees.  We’ve decided last year that it’s not only obligatory, but also FUN for us to get together and interact as a team outside of the office.  We began hosting full-time staff retreats and we find that that are extremely beneficial to our team as a whole, as they help us understand our culture as a company.

This year, Signature of Solon kindly hosted this full-day event for us and acted, per usual, as outstanding hosts, offering wonderful service. RTH staff members engaged in leadership training, customer service discussions and further development of our, “No Risk” customer service philosophy… which lead itself to winning a Smart Business Magazine, “Wold Class Customer Service Award”, last year, (Rock The House is nominated again this year!).

11 full-time staff members were in attendance, attendance including our newest hires Jessica Smith, JayR Rich, Elena Massucci, and Zach Zvaboda.

Jessica Smith, Executive Assistant says:

One of the activities that stuck out for me was the “Personal Insights Profile” that we each completed to figure out our communication styles and how to better communicate with one another. We talked a lot about goal setting, SMART goals while really focusing on customer service… it’s what we’re all about.

Exercises were created to discuss and balance our goals, both personal and business related.

Planning out bi-annual staff retreats is a way for us to re-introduce our commitment to employees.  We believe that fantastic customer service has to be learned and practiced internally, because without taking excellent care of our employees, our employees can’t and won’t take great care of our customers…