Explaining Event Lighting

There’s More To It Than You Think

By now, most of our clients know lighting is an important to the success of an event. Often, that’s all they know. We work to educate our clients on the different ways lighting can impact your guests and compliment features. Event lighting might not be what you think.

Decor Lighting

What’s the difference between a club and a room with loud music? Why do some events feel “warm” or “cool”? The answer is decor lighting. Decor lighting transforms walls, highlights features, and creates moods. It’s not about transforming an ugly room into an attractive one; our clients aren’t often having events in ugly rooms! Decor lighting can transform a space into YOUR space and make it fit your vision. Washing walls in patterns of lights, matching the colors you’ve chosen for the night, or custom monograms of light are all ways you can create a more experiential environment.

Dance Floor Lighting

Lights on the dance floor have been a staple since the 70s! If you want a disco party, we can do that but most are looking for a more modern sophisticated look with that same allure. A misconception people have with dance floor lighting is that we just plug it in and random effects take over. Knowing the right fixtures for the look you want while staying on budget is something that takes years to master. With anything there are levels of what can be offered. The inclusion of a lighting designer isn’t at the lowest end of the cost spectrum but it’s probably less than you thought it would be for a professional expert working all evening long. What does a lighting designer do at your event? They do with light what your DJ does with music. By reading your crowd and matching lighting effects to the music, they can emotionally manipulate your guests…in a good way.

Photos beautifully taken by Making The Moment