6 Ways to Heat Things Up at Your Event this Winter



Everyone loves an awesome winter event. From beautiful winter weddings to holiday get-togethers, we love a great reason to get up, dress up, and warm up in even the coldest winter months. However, tackling the daunting task of dealing with the weather can be tricky. Here are some tips to take with you next time you plan to party in the winter.

Invest in Valet Services

It may seem simple but consider allowing your guests to bypass the outside altogether! While valet is the popular option at black-tie events, it may be worth the spend in the middle of winter in order to give your guests the cozy experience they want.

Choose A Tropical Concept

Nothing warms the soul more than the illusion of being somewhere else. Allow your event’s little details set the scene of warmth, sun and FUN. Choose tropical-themed novelties, a summer music playlist and green screen, beach-themed photos that make guests forget about what’s happening outside.


Macintosh HD:Users:jessahochman:Desktop:Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 6.31.35 PM.pngTropical-Themed Photo Novelties from the EO Holiday Party


Research Red Hot Rentals

Does your venue have an incredible outdoor space that seems useless in the winter? Think again. Consider renting outdoor heaters or even a fireplace to set the mood and offer a cozy, outdoor option for friends who need fresh air.

Light it up.

Relax, sit back and let the lights speak for themselves. Rock the House will help you conceptualize a lighting design that will be sure to heat things up even in the coldest winter months.

Choose Cold-Weather Cocktails

Consider recruiting a seasoned bartender to conceptualize perfect seasonal cocktails. The best way to get your guests in the partying mood is to give them tasty, soothing winter elixirs to warm away the winter blues. From hot cocktails to drinks with a tropical twist, choose your specialty drinks wisely and your guests will warm up in no time.

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Get Guests Moving

While setting the scene is so important, the very best way to heat things us is to get guests moving! Party Motivators, amazing games, novelties and the perfect amount of cocktails will help guests put on their dancing shoes and forget all about the potential blizzard outside.

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