Timeclock v.7

In order to continue to offer accurate time reporting, RTH has updated Timeclock Plus to a more powerful server! This will require you to install a NEW application called Timeclock V.7. If you are currently using the old TimeClock Plus on your mobile device, please delete that version and download the new and improved Timeclock V.7. 

Timeclock V.7 Mobile Device Settings

Scheme:  Http (this is a dropdown)
Domain: timeclock.rthgroup.com
Path: DO NOT CHANGE – api/v0000
Company ID: 1 
Individual ID : Employee’s TCP ID number (usually the last 4 of their social)
Use pin entry: CHECK THE BOX
PIN:  Employee’s pin / security number (this will be the same number that you used with the original TimeClock Plus system). If you do not have this, please contact Ben or Kurt
Geolocation Timeout: 10
Sync offline data: once a day (this is a drop down) 
Please note that you will be unable to clock in remotely until you have downloaded TimeClock Plus v7. If you choose to simply clock in via the web you may use this link:

Timeclock V.7 Desktop Settings

Also, to access using a web browser, please visit: http://timeclock.rthgroup.com/app/webclock/#/EmployeeLogOn

As always, if you have technical issues with timeclock, please visit rthgroup.com/forms and use the timeclock technical support form to report any problems you may be having.
New feature on timeclock: Event / Project codes! 

If you use role code 3000, 3001, 5000 or 8000 to clock in, you will now be asked to select a cost / job code.On your smartphone: Once you have logged in, clocked in and selected your role code you will be presented with a list of events. Simply choose the name of the event from the list. If your event is not listed, choose “unspecified”.

On the timeclock: Once you have scanned your finger and chosen your role code, you’ll be prompted for a cost code. Simply push the F1 and F2 keys to scroll until you find your event name and push “yes / enter”. If your event is not on the list, choose “unspecified”.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]