Ready to dance the night away? Looking for wedding DJ entertainment that caters to your needs? Well then get ready to sing at the top of your lungs and get down on the dance floor!

Music is our passion and we know how important it is for your wedding. When you hire Rock The House for your DJ entertainment, we provide you with a talented ROCKstar team that is ready to provide the perfect celebration atmosphere. Your team includes a Host MC to manage the flow of events and keep guests entertained and a DJ to create the perfect mix of music, guaranteed to keep guests on the dance floor!

Our preparation is unrivaled, starting with our planning meetings (if you’re a big Michael Jackson fan and your family will perform Thriller, this is the time to let us know). The second connection happens with your Host MC before your wedding that will ensure you have a calm frame of mind and will provide our ROCKstars with the information they need to make your event ROCK.

Need a Ceremony sound system? Ask an RTH representative about our ceremony audio solutions that will help ensure your vows are clearly heard… even in the back row!