From Diapers to DJ’s

By: Jessa Goodworth

Jared Marks is not just your average intern at Rock The House Entertainment. Like many of our staff members, Jared became familiar with RTH after we performed at his Bar Mitzvah on September 12, 2009. This 8th grader from Solon came into our office for his planning meetings and video shoots with incredible energy and out of the box ideas. About 5 months later, we received a call from Jared requesting if he could come back, but this time, to work and learn at Rock The House.

Jared at his Bar Mitzvah - Less than a year ago!


After teaching himself how to spin on a Hercules DJ system, Jared called us and asked if he could shadow RTH staff members in the office and in the field in order to learn more. He has been working here for 6 months and since then, he has learned how to set-up, control and operate moving and atmospheric lights and DJ with our trained and seasoned professionals.

Jared’s favorite thing about working at Rock The House is, “The staff… observing them working in the warehouse and at shows”. Now that he has on insider’s perspective on event production, going to his friends’ Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are much different. Jared says, “Everything seemed so complicated but now that I am getting the hang of it. I know how things are done and when I am at the parties, I have a behind the scenes perspective, which is cool”.

When asked about how this will affect his future, Jared says, “I hope to some day work in radiology or theater lighting, or both!”

Believe it or not, Jared is not the first RTH staff member who took an interest in our company at a young age. With his father as a mentor, our founder and CEO, Matt Radicelli starting spinning and performing at the age of 7!

Matt Radicelli was a young DJ.

Other staff members, like Ryan Konikoff, Jeff Kutz and Tim Frankish, all in their twenties, all began working with RTH over 10 years ago, while in their early teen years. Tim says, “I opened a door for Matt at Roseland Lanes when I was 13… the rest is history.”

Ryan met Matt at Plum Crazy, a teen club, at age 13. Ryan was always interested in performing and his specialties were theater and magic. He accompanied Matt to their first show for the Strongsville High School Homecoming 10 years ago. Ryan then went on to become the entertainment director for Celebrity Cruise Lines and has since moved back to Cleveland and made RTH a home.

Plum Crazy Teen Night Flyer from 1998

Shawn Smutak went to Pulse Teen Events, 6 years ago at the age of 14. After meeting with Matt for the first time, he became a Pulse Team Promoter. Shawn said the job offer came as a shock to him, “I was 14 years old and this adult wanted me to work with him!” Back then, Shawn says he was a, “wannabe Break-Dancer”, but Matt knew that he had charisma and that he would have a bright future in this industry.

Now, Shawn is 22 years old and one of our Lead Entertainers. Shawn says:
Working at Rock The House has taught me so much. I live differently than people my age. I am more confident and feel extremely comfortable speaking publically and interacting in social situations. Being comfortable like this has allowed me to shine.

Shawn is RTH’s ONLY staff member that able to fill any role at an RTH event– He is a Dancer, DJ, and MC.

After graduation from Akron University, Shawn wishes to work full-time at Rock The House and hopes to pursue a career in event planning, consultation and marketing.