Cleveland Entertainment – Reflecting on the Past, Looking to the Future

Rock The House Entertainment recently held its Q4 meeting to reflect on the past few months of Cleveland Corporate Events, Cleveland Weddings, Cleveland Bar Mitzvahs & Cleveland Bat Mitzvahs, and to get ready for the exciting first quarter of 2010.

The day began as the RTH emcees got together to talk in detail about the quality of their recent events, interaction with their clients, and ways to improve their performances and overall level of service. By the end of the emcee meeting, two things were abundantly clear:

1. RTH Emcees care about their clients and they are passionate about the work they do.

2. RTH Clients are consistently noticing #1.

The emcee meeting was followed up with the Annual Employee Holiday Luncheon. Nearly 50 RTH DJs, Emcees, Party Motivators / Dancers, Technicians & Office Staff members shared a meal and had a chance to mingle before getting down to business.

Ryan Konikoff, Rock The House Creative & Talent Director, led the meeting as he introduced 5 new staff members.

Matt Radicelli, company founder / owner, thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication, then pointed out that while it’s important all year long, during the holidays, it’s especially important to be thankful of our family and friends. Without them we are nothing; and we should never  take them for granted. Radicelli then awarded Steve Tanruther the “Employee of the Quarter Award” in recognition of his hard work and dedication in getting the company’s new event management & scheduling software online – a step that has drastically increased the efficiency of the office and has added convenient online tools for our clients.

The group then reviewed the past few months, discussing successes and areas needing improvement, changes and additions to company policy, upcoming Rock The House Gives Back events, safety training, and finally continued education & testing.

Each RTH employee was asked to demonstrate their skill sets in a do-or-die, pass / fail environment. Any employee that did not pass their tests is to be retrained, and retested before they can be scheduled.

The day finished up with the Rock The House Party Motivators holding dance practice. After the group finished their warm ups and reviewed their routines & sequences, it wasn’t long before they circled up and had a freestyle jam session.

The Q4 meeting was a huge success. 2010 here we come.